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    my tracker project

    I always wanted to cafe a sportie, good luck and enjoy
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    Suzuki dr 800 Tracker

    The buell swing arm stretched widened, looks sick as hell
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    78/79 KZ750 build

    Once agin great looking bike, another question what size jets are u running? Thanks alot
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    A fool and his first CL 350 cafe build

    Damn looking good and like everyone else said the red frame and rims are sharp.
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    No Name CX500....not the usual stuff

    So the new carbs can I use it with my air box or would I have to go pods? Also if you don't mind how much was the carb set up, I just got a cx c. I'm doing little mods but that carb set up might be next.
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    1978 Honda CX500 Cafe Build

    Honda classic where do I find his seats? Is it on eBay or some other place. Your tank is sweet.
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    Refund Check

    I just got my state refund and waiting till march 3rd for federal. Witch is wired cause I always get federal back first, lol bills first then toys. I just bought kdx200 rode first time yesterday scary fast in the wet snow lol
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    Pocket Rocket - 1978 xs650

    Wow lol reach arounds on request. Anyway I like the first tank, I like how it flows with the seat. Cannt wait to see it done
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    CB400F parts

    Do u have the rubber that connects the carbs to the air box by any chance?
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    1978 Honda CX500 Cafe Build

    Sick bike , I just bought a running 82 cx 500. I was wondering where u got the seat from? Or if u made it, if u made it do u have pic of the process?
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    CB400T Café Build...but be patient this will take a while!!

    Can't wait to seethe tank seat combo
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    1979 Honda CB400T tracker- new name "Grey Bike"

    The bike is looking great
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    1971 CL175 cafe

    What was the problem why it wouldn't start? Was it the timing or just wasn't getting gas? That tank looks tits on it.
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    Deco Daze, '88 CD250U. *Done*

    Re: Deco Daze, '88 CD250U. *almost there* Lookin great
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    1973 Yamaha TX750 Cafe Mix

    The bike is looking good. I like the orange
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    750 Bol D'or needs some sexyin'up

    Sick tank seat combo
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    78/79 KZ750 build

    Cool thanks for the info, I found the filters on eBay. The dyna I'm gonna look in to it, was it hard to install? Only half of it I mean. Thanks
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    78/79 KZ750 build

    Great looking bike. Are u using points or did u find elec. ign. For the twins? Also. Where and what size are ur pods?
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    kz750 twin....bratstyle/cafe bastard (strap on sally) phase 1 complete

    Re: kz750 twin....dirty ratty bratty bastard bobber (front fender mounted) What air filters are u running? Also what rejecting if any did you have to make. I'm diggin the gas sight line
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    71' CB750 Golden

    Dude the tank and seat gold flake is a bold move, and looks tits. Great build. Going on
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