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    From CB450 Racer to Bobber

    great build, that is not a friend that did those welds, that is a BEST friend that did those welds-nice.
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    my triumph pre unit build

    i swear pre-units are the most beautiful engines.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    will do, first ones i posted were huge, i will reload to photobucket originals again may take a few.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    this is full push at the pedal.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    back to bisness. Got the "mouse trap" together, added a spring on the foot clutch, for return and so I don't push the clutch too far when "clutching", had to cut the rod between the heim ends a tad shorter. I put a wonky little cable stop on the cable, I think tomorrow the cable will get...
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    E's 1983 Kawasaki KZ550 LTD Bratstyle Build

    great build and great shop-i mean great BIG shop, are you a professional fabricator? tank looks good.
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    Brat / Bob

    Re: Brat/ Bob Is this what they call a "konged" frame? Pretty cool, pvc is a good idea, totally gonna gangster that for any future frame mods.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    I 100% agree with you. all of the first pics are birdshit-tastic welds with a 110 buzzbox using fluxcore. I can't weld worth a damn. thats why all of the real welding was done by my pop on a big miller 200. when i was just figuring out how things were going to be set up (mock up), I didn't...
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    might be off of a cl or sl can't really remember, i did have to bore out the holes a bit to get them to fit, i'm really a cheap ass-brass ones would be brass colored krylon. thanks.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    last one. wow you could say almost life size dang.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    holy snapple that is a big pic. ok 2 more.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    for some reason or other words my fault, the pics wouldn't post. let me try it again.
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    another cookie cutter jap bobber

    Re: another cookie cutter jap bobber OR how i'm reinventing the mouse trap Its been quite a while since posting (or working on this boat anchor) the garage is no longer over a 100 degrees and the sparks are now a flying. So the fact is, you can't go to walmart and buy a foot clutch for a jap...
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    new garage, new build (XS650)

    great looking build, did you make the axle plates
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    XS650 Project Black Beauty --- On The Road Yet???

    Re: New Guy xs 650 build awesome build love the videos
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    650 triumph UNIT front loop

    if you have one, you know what it is. looking to buy one on the cheap. thanks
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    Cb 360 tail chop swinger mod

    remember everything that was old is new again, I can't remember exactly where I've seen this system, but it has been done before. Looked in the encyclopedia, vincent series c black shadow is similar. In 1939 AJS started making a bike that would have a V4 water cooled supercharged engine capable...
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    Rock&Roll: My xs650 brat bike

    @ pablo. cool project if you ditch the starter, I would keep it until your bike is totally dialed in. kicking a bike forever sucks. if your bike is running great right now and can start on like one or two kicks-ditch it. if not you may regret it. i ditched mine put a freeze plug in to fill up...
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    Anyone here doing martial arts or MMA

    @jrk I have heard of rodney childs, he's been around quite a while. I trained with a guy for a while who's system is called kenpo jujutsu-pretty all encompassing style. @ pheller Honestly I think that exwrestlers or even current wrestlers make great mma guys, especially the greco-roman guys...
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    Anyone here doing martial arts or MMA

    I looked through the last 5 pages of Loungin at the club and didn't find this subject, and well, I'm basically too lazy to search further than that. Like the subject says, I kind of figure most folks here are into motos, maybe they have more similar interests. My full time gig is I work in a...
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