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  1. SquadraCorse

    RD400 'Motopaika'...Yeah I'm back.

    Here's some of my RallyMoto action that's taken me away from building the RD.
  2. SquadraCorse

    RD400 'Motopaika'...Yeah I'm back.

    Re: RD400 'Motopaika' Yeah that's right, I'm resurrecting this thread and my attendance on DTT. I ended up taking a hiatus on the RD and the vintage bike thing in general for a little while. I've been riding a lot of off road and building my DRZ400 to run some NASA RallyMoto events. I've had...
  3. SquadraCorse

    ***1994 FZR600 For Sale in RI***

    Yeah you're a little ways away from Little Rhody man lol
  4. SquadraCorse

    ***1994 FZR600 For Sale in RI***

    Selling my 1994 FZR600 with 20,000 miles, however has been completely torn down and rebuilt, so is tight and runs like a top. Winter before last it went through a complete rebuild as it suffered from the typical popping out of 2nd gear problem. I got a low mileage gear set and sent it to APE...
  5. SquadraCorse

    My new KLX400

    I posted one quick pic in the 'latest purchase' thread, but I thought I'd throw up a couple more. Brought this home last night and already fitted some brush guards on the bars and clear indicators. This is going to be my adventure bike and will be getting some armor, better seat, large fuel...
  6. SquadraCorse

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    First destination will be mount Washington in May which is a weekend trip, then later in the year up through VT/NH to Montreal, past Montreal to the Tremblant area, then over to Quebec city, and back down.
  7. SquadraCorse

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Bought this tonight. 9 years old with only 1000 miles on it. It's going to get some good adventure bits and armor and ridden all over the map.
  8. SquadraCorse

    RD400 'Motopaika'...Yeah I'm back.

    Re: RD400 'Motopaika' I started fitting up the seat to the frame and tank. It's going to be a little more challenging than I thought, but we'll get it sorted. The tough part now is deciding to mod the standard oil tank of do a complete fab of one similar to a seeley. The fill neck is going to...
  9. SquadraCorse

    Fuel Injected 1962 Honda CB77 Superhawk

    That damper is outta control. Looking great man.
  10. SquadraCorse

    powder coat question??

    The place near me typically charges a lot charge of $150 for prep and one layer of powder. Just make sure that they don't sandblast or paint any critical surfaces (i.e. bearing races, rotor hat faces, swing arm pivot holes, etc. etc.)
  11. SquadraCorse

    1966 Ducati 160 Monza Jr

    So beautiful. So Classic.
  12. SquadraCorse

    Japanese autorace motorcycling

    Looks like Keirin riders on a velodrome. I imagine they bet on them the same way.
  13. SquadraCorse

    RD400 Never Ending Build

    Re: RD400 Rebuild Round Two Handsome machine my friend.
  14. SquadraCorse

    Well.. Well... Look what limped it way to the stables this morn...

    I think you should get it running, leave it all banged up, then cruise around the shoreline with a Corona t-shirt and flip flops on picking up chicks in total squid glory.
  15. SquadraCorse

    My new shop dog

    Adopted her and picked her up yesterday. German Shepherd/Greyhound mix. Once she warms up to us better she'll make a good shop dog lol Lana by TMK84, on Flickr Lana by TMK84, on Flickr Lana by TMK84, on Flickr
  16. SquadraCorse

    1975 RD125 Build

    Check out They can print in various materials including metal. You send them your model, they send you your part.
  17. SquadraCorse

    Build a British Cafe Racer in five minutes or less....

    Hey, to each his own! lol
  18. SquadraCorse

    1975 RD125 Build

    What material are you going to rapid prototype that out of?
  19. SquadraCorse

    Seeley MK2 Seat

    Due to a shipping SNAFU I have a seccond Seeley MK2 seat from TGA in France. It's no RocCity, but it's a pretty nice seat for the price and I'm pleased with the quality. I'm using the other one on my RD400 build. I still need to pay for this...
  20. SquadraCorse

    '77 RD 400-Balls Deep: Smoking By Spring

    Just so you know that taillight is pretty much useless as far as safety is concerned. I had it on a build I was working on and you could barely see it in the daytime. I got rid of it because it was like having no brake light at all.
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