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    CB/CL/SL 350 Finned points and tach covers

    Hi Jesse Lee, do you still make these?
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    Ballistic Batteries Thumbs Up or Down

    As a note for anybody doing this research in the future: I also did a ton of research on the Ballistic 4cell Evo. Ended up purchasing it and running it on my completely rebuild '72 Cb 350. New wiring harness, running with electronic ignition and a Rick's charging system and regulator (puts...
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    Honda GB 250 Front spokes

    Just thought I'd put it out there since so it's so hard to find any info on the Honda GB 250. (For anybody googling this in the future and finding it impossible to get a kit or even a reference online) It was...
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    Honda '79 CB750K Master Cylinder Replacement

    I'm facing the same problem bigev. I've got a CMx 250 front end that's a single disc. The caliper is a two piston design and even after extensive googling I still dont know if the Dime City Cycles Cylinder would do the job. Did you figure it out?
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