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    '82 Moto Guzzi v50 Rebuild/Redesign

    Great build. Following with interest. Have you decided on a final paint scheme yet?
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    Beachcomber's Tales from the day

    Great stories. Thank's for sharing. You should write a book!
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    Finally putting her up for sale

    Agree on taking better photos. I can't stress that enough. Nice bike. Hope you fetch close to asking price.
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    Polishing a oxidized engine?

    Thanks for that.. I was looking for a polishing bible.
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    79 Honda cx500 cafe finished build

    I'm guessing those are the Harley exhausts? They seem very quiet in the video, with not much of a growl - can you confirm? I'm currently searching for exhaust alternatives on my cx.
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    SR500 Project

    HAHAHAH reply of the month.
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    Carpy's newly designed CB500 4-1 exhaust... sweet!

    Looks awesome. Nice present!
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    First bike, first build

    Very nice.
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    CB750 Tsuma

    Great build (and parts). Thanks for sharing.
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    ;D I was going to say... $6k? I have some chia pet rocks to sell you. ;D
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    Greeting from india

    Welcome. Post some pictures when you have a chance.
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    Not Really a Bob, Not Cafe, GS300 Suzuki

    Very nice. Interesting wheels.
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    "Cafe Racer" such a loose term! Craigslist "Gem" of the week!

    What a monstrosity. Yikes. $5 and put it out of it's misery.
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    CX500, A rear end special!

    Wow! That rear end looks amazing. Very Ducati-ish. Subscribed for more.
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    What's going on now over at Ichiban Moto ?

    Re: Ichiban Moto : Yamaha 500 cafe racer build Hahaha. Not a bad idea maybe? It will give a whole new meaning to "cafe" racer. ;D
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    79 Honda cx500 cafe finished build

    Looks very nice!
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    Thinking about a modular helmet

    I too worry about the danger's of a 3/4th helmet. I've tried on a few modular ones, but never seemed to jive with the look/feel/weight.
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    My first try at a seat. What do you think?

    Great job for a first timer. Hell of a lot better than I would have done!
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    Flat Black Painting RD Rims

    That powdercoated black looks pretty sweet! How well do they hold up to the elements?
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    Bar End Mirrors

    Does anyone know if it's possible to fit bar end mirrors AND signals, such as the below?
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