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  1. pidjones

    1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"

    Gonna be Lenny's some day?
  2. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Spent over five hours today getting the head gasket cement off of the head and block. They even used whatever they used on the head gasket on the water elbow gasket. Stuff reminded me of a sealer that we were forbidden to use on steam flanges in the Navy called Copaltite. Along with being and...
  3. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Pulled the left head today. There was just a bit of "mud" in the #4 cylinder, which wiped right out leaving nice looking walls. Turned the head valve side up and filled the areas with isopropyl alcohol - surprisingly, there was no leakage! So, cleaning and reassembly (once gaskets come in next...
  4. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Finally feeling good enough to tackle this thing again. Will probably pay for it tomorrow, but the shoulder just isn't improving, so... Finalized the fuel tank vinegar cleaning, neutralized with baking soda, washed and rinsed, dried thoroughly and added over a half can of fogging oil. Then...
  5. pidjones

    $50 Facebook Marketplace CB350 in boxes

    You should include location when asking for shop recommendations.
  6. pidjones

    Rear Shock Dimensions Database! Over 1900 records!

    Go to the second sheet "Database".
  7. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Finally back in the garage (wife got me a new Fire TV for hanging from the ceiling there). Carbs are clean, rebuilt, and leak tested. Next is cleaning the engine so it can be repainted.
  8. pidjones

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    Mmm so pretty.
  9. pidjones

    Howdy y'all Cm400c & Cm400a soon to be a Cm450e

    Just about a perfect size for a cafe bike. And, general information and parts are readily available for old Hondas.
  10. pidjones

    Glutton for punishment

    Looks like it's been Kreamed. That stuff is awful, but is soluble in acetone.
  11. pidjones

    Post a pic of your motorcycle as it sits

    I used the winch on my wife's Kaw mule to pull the '75 GL1000 out of the shed and up to level pavement. Whatever works is fair!
  12. pidjones

    1968 Honda CB160 Restomod

    Some pretty bad creases you ironed out there, Irk. Well done!
  13. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Kind of stalled for a bit. Thanksgiving week was busy, then our family came down with Covid,so now we are isolating, and this is the first day that I've felt like getting out of bed. The usual respiratory symptoms were tough but manageable. The headaches really knocked me out, though. Finally...
  14. pidjones

    "Tangerine Dream" / Glemseck - KZ750

    Good to hear that things are looking up, and that you have found someone to help!
  15. pidjones

    1980 Suzuki GN400 - cafe conversion

    Another way to avoid it is with vapor blast rigs like Irk has. For me, after suffering too many sinus infections, I convinced the company to switch to aluminum oxide and the infections went away. We finally removed the cabinet and started cleaning the small parts we had with a hand-held gun...
  16. pidjones

    1980 Suzuki GN400 - cafe conversion

    Be careful with the glass beads. When they hit, they shatter and create glass dust that can lacerate nasal and lung linings, inviting infection. I prefer aluminum oxide, although it doesn't leave as pretty a finish. Using glass, be sure to let the dust settle before opening the door, and vacuum...
  17. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    All apart now, engine and frame strapped to dollies so they can go outside and be pressure washed. Looking at weather for near future, I should do that this afternoon. But, the shoulder says that it has had enough for today - go watch football.
  18. pidjones

    1980 Suzuki GN400 - cafe conversion

    I had a Vietnamese seat on my RD400c that was pretty good. Look just like the original. They also make tons of custom seats. There is a contact in the USA, but they are built in Vietnam.
  19. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Annnd, there it is! Surprised when the stem was loosened that it has roller bearings in it!
  20. pidjones

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Thanks, but a '79 harness wouldn't work at all. The '75 harness just needs cleaning and a little lite repair.
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