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  1. misfitfiend

    Winter Glove Recommendations please?

    I got a pair of Icon Patrol gloves for $75. They seem warm enough to me.
  2. misfitfiend

    2015 Ducati Scrambler?

    I like it, but I don't understand the passenger pegs on the swing arm. I would think that might be a problem.
  3. misfitfiend

    Vagabond: 1975 XS500 Project ScrapHeap

    That gas cap is genius.
  4. misfitfiend

    KZ400 Hardtail Bobber Finally Finished!

    Nice battery box.
  5. misfitfiend

    The furture is now. Can you handle it???

    WTF? Did you use a light saber for a brake light?
  6. misfitfiend

    Rigid hawk

    I'm down to see how this goes. I have never seen one done proper on a nighthawk yet. I have only ever seen guys just weld some kind of brace from the swing arm to the frame, which just doesn't look right to me.
  7. misfitfiend

    Holy cr*p it's a 1976 Honda CXRL650R street-tracking dirt-jumper! (and beer)...

    This is a very interesting post. I like where the bike is going, but please tell me more about this meatloaf.
  8. misfitfiend

    Helmets - how do you keep them protected?

    I question that logic too. What are you going to do with a helmet with no straps?
  9. misfitfiend

    Does anyone Know who's bike this is? It just got towed by the city of Forest Par

    On the other side of the coin you could probably pick this up for $200 when they auction it off.
  10. misfitfiend

    it's a bitch!!!!!!!

    It happens to the best of us. Last week I almost went down at the pump. I put the kickstand down and caught it on my pant leg and didn't realize it, the kickstand went back up as I was setting it down. Managed to keep it up though.
  11. misfitfiend

    Disappointed with Slipstream Cycle Works

    That is some pretty shitty customer service.
  12. misfitfiend

    Harley Hummer Restoration (Pic Heavy)

    It's a shame he didn't keep the fenders stock, but it's still a sweet looking bike.
  13. misfitfiend

    Are you a hipster test?

    I clicked them all just for shits and giggles. Hipster Serpico. You have a fixed-gear bicycle, a “Golden Girls” neck tattoo, and you’ve probably thought about ditching your TV. Keep on posting Instagram snaps of tacky Christmas lights and vintage chairs. The world’s depending on you.
  14. misfitfiend

    Broadford Bike Bonanza

    Damn, figures something that fun would be on the other side of the globe.
  15. misfitfiend

    Broadford Bike Bonanza

    Where is this? It looks like a hoot.
  16. misfitfiend

    Stupid hurts!

    Not that he shouldn't wear any gear, but it doesn't look like gloves would have done him any good on that one.
  17. misfitfiend

    RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant - ?

    I'm pretty sure if you poured it down the spark plug hole it would mostly burn off before it reached the oil. I would just call them for the information to be sure (954)-563-7001.
  18. misfitfiend

    Two xs11s added to the garage

    Is this going to be a Bosozoku build?
  19. misfitfiend

    Antigravity 4-Cell Battery

    Shouldn't everything be powered by the alternator/generator while the bike is running.
  20. misfitfiend

    Do The Title.... in PA

    I'm certain Pa will give you tags and Pa title when you transfer it since VT considers their registration the title of ownership.
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