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  1. timberwolffxdl

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    Sent the head off to @crazypj around 2015 for work... it never came back. Anyone talked to him lately?
  2. timberwolffxdl

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    I'm not thrilled with it, but it was one of the first this guy has done, and like Is aid it looks WAY better in person. Pics just don't do it justice. He's a tattoo artist normally, and had done a couple seats, so I asked him to do one for me. Basically only charged me for materials. If I...
  3. timberwolffxdl

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    surprisingly enough, it looks better in person than it does in pictures. My son turns 19 next week... I suppose I should update the thread title :lol: Fits good!
  4. timberwolffxdl

    1968 CL350 Part out + tanks

    I do
  5. timberwolffxdl

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    I am trying to reserve judgement until it actually shows up. But I am not holding my hopes that I won't have to recover it
  6. timberwolffxdl

    Building a "first bike" for my 17yo son...

    thanks! The seat should be back from the leather guy soon. he took a LONG time to tool it, and just about as long to actually ship it back. And to be honest, I'm not overly impressed with it based on the pictures :(
  7. timberwolffxdl

    CL350 parts needed

    Looking for parts for my 1971 CL350: right side controls (no cables needed) rear fender for sure, maybe front fender too for the right deal fork ears (for headlight bucket) will add more as I come across it.
  8. timberwolffxdl

    1968 CL350 Part out + tanks

    good luck guys. I tried sending a message and I have emailed him and got no response. He has one post in total on the board and that is this ad. I doubt we will see or hear from him on any of these parts.
  9. timberwolffxdl

    CL 350 parts needed.

    I got it with a bike. Cylinder, head and rocker cover were off. I have them as well. I don't know much about it beyond that. Someone had put it in a 360 frame. I bought the setup for the 360 frame and title... the motor was just extra
  10. timberwolffxdl

    Badge mount removal

    That's what I did. JB weld first, then bondo for final blending. Worked fine
  11. timberwolffxdl

    CL 350 parts needed.

    I don't want to tear it down just to pull a couple parts, but if you want the whole parts motor it's yours for $50 and shipping. It's partially disassembled (to the short block).
  12. timberwolffxdl

    CL 350 parts needed.

    I've got both a parts engine, and a complete one. Depends on what you want and if you want things shipped. I'm in MI
  13. timberwolffxdl

    Complete cb350 part out - full custom cafe with many aftermarket goodies

    stick a fork in it... I tried PM'ing, emailing, etc. He's had a list of parts I wanted since day one... no responses now.
  14. timberwolffxdl

    What did you build this week?

    Can't recall if I posted this or not... drew these up a few weeks ago and cut a couple on the CNC laser. didn't do much beyond that except hang one on the wall. The other day I cut a full sheet. Got 12 of them. 30" tall, 12" wide, .113 thick. Weigh about 4lbs a piece. Threw some on...
  15. timberwolffxdl

    Some pictures from the Checkered Past Christmas party yesterday

    pretty cool little place. not far from me. some day I will stop in and check it out
  16. timberwolffxdl

    CL 350 parts needed.

    where are you located?
  17. timberwolffxdl

    might seem dumb, but... CL350 heat shield (over the pipes) bolts?

    Bike didn't come with the heat shield. Picked one up from a user here. But I'm not sure if it just uses some standard metric bolts, or if they're shouldered, or...? So if anyone wants to sell me some, or shoot a picture of theirs so I know what to look for elsewhere, I'd be grateful.
  18. timberwolffxdl

    WTB CB350 front fender

    I have a couple. how nice do you need them to be?
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