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  1. jay_kent

    old Yamaha connectors They can supply what you need. I've purchased them for my Honda and Yamahas, reasonably priced for getting oem spec's equpiment
  2. jay_kent

    Transmission fluid or oil cb360 forks

    Dump that, go to your local motorcycle store and buy yourself some fork oil. It comes in different weights which in the short of it, relays to the stiffness of the forks. Transmission oil was considered an alternative because that's what was available back then. I have a cb650 that I run 20...
  3. jay_kent

    1991 Yamaha SR250 - Another Lil' Thumper

    wicked find. these little bikes are amazing Great little number, shares a lot of parts with the tt250 and xt250 of the same years. I changed the head gasket and valves in a few hours in our driveway. Lots of pep. my wife loves it.
  4. jay_kent

    how does one go about learning how to build a cafe racer?

    youtube will be your friend, be prepared to spend a lot on you first build; time, money, patience, blood. Everyone starts some where and in this technological age, if you are so inclined there is no reason not to find out the information. Some is hard to come by than others.
  5. jay_kent

    Random acts of kindness - best week for a few years

    That's great news, makes you believe in the good of humans again when one steps forward like that.
  6. jay_kent

    New to this whole bike thing. 1979 honda cb650 build

    Welcome, let's see some pics My current ride is the same, any questions just ask. I've learned quite a few lessons on this bike.
  7. jay_kent

    5V USB charger for 6V electrical systems

    I'd run a small capacitor on there to help with any voltage drop and smooth it out even more.
  8. jay_kent

    CB 650 Oil Leak - Should I be worried?

    True that, my left leg on my a few pairs of jeans bear the mark of a leaky top. Still runs great though
  9. jay_kent

    CB 650 Oil Leak - Should I be worried?

    There's an o-ring in there that'll you want to replace. No.13. 46mm It's located at the back of the oil pump between the case and the pump as far as i remember.
  10. jay_kent

    Seeking knowledge on swaping compressor motors

    we swapped a single stage head with a triple stage head onto a 5hp contractor style compressor. The kind with two tanks. Fills up right quick, runs all of the power tools. Make sure you've got a good pressure release valve on it. We didn't change the pulleyratio so it was running at the same...
  11. jay_kent

    casting a cafe seat?

    I'd be down for seeing the process but honestly, fiber glassing a seat is just plain easier to me. But dude, if you can cast a seat, start sand casting some custom engine covers and recover the cost of that seat. Just saying. Seriously, photograph the process and build.
  12. jay_kent

    1964 Volvo 1800S

    yep, on my list vehicle bucket list for sure. beautiful car.
  13. jay_kent

    JB Weld for Tank pinhole leak??

    Same as Tim, never did hold.
  14. jay_kent

    Hey from Ontario, Canada!

    I'm up in Guelph. Looking forward to seeing this build
  15. jay_kent

    Hey from Ontario, Canada!

    where about in Ontario are you? Those little hawks are pretty cool. Personally I'd ditch the square bump stop, doesn't flow with the tank. One word of advice, if you don't have it safetied yet. Put it back together as much as stock, getting it running and have it saftied. Once it's in your...
  16. jay_kent

    Wiring moron needs help with harness simplification

    true that, Always test for continuity anytime you make a change. If you are moving components to under the seat. Lay the harness out on a sheet of plywood/cardboard/drywall as it would have been on the, with the components in place. Take a photograph of that. take detail photographys of the...
  17. jay_kent

    CB650 all turn signals flashing at once

    Your fronts signals are signal/running combo leds? You should have 3 wires if so. If you've got them connected into the running lights wiring on the harness then that could happen. If it's two wires on your signals, don't working about the runing lights. By running lights, I mean the front turn...
  18. jay_kent

    1978 cb750f frame w/title $100

    no sorry it's sold
  19. jay_kent

    Yay to fall riding...

    totally agree. The fall colours up here in Southern Ontario are amazing and there are some fantastic roads to ride on.
  20. jay_kent

    The Most Versatile Tool

    At this stage of build, what will you be doing more of. Working on the mechanical side or the fabrication side. Spend you money on tools that will get used the most often, then when you can afford it, get those tools that you'll use the least. Wrenches and sockets you cannot have enough...
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