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  1. focusinprogress

    1968 BSA Firebird Scrambler RAFFLE - City Limit Moto

    bump, entries are slow-going. going to give this another week and if it doesn't start to fill up we will be canceling the raffle and refunding all entries, and I guess I'll move onto listing the bike for sale.
  2. focusinprogress

    1968 BSA Firebird Scrambler RAFFLE - City Limit Moto

    100 Entries offered at $80 a spot! here's the post for info!
  3. focusinprogress

    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    May have found the culprit. The brass air port at the bottom of the inlet on the right carb had some shmootz In it. I pulled both carbs again and I can blow carb cleaner through the left one but not the right one. Guessing that’s causing the rich condition.....they’re now both in the ultrasonic...
  4. focusinprogress

    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    So the points in the 450 are in fact stamped “Japan” - but I took them apart and did the common-motor mods reccomended in the video. Filed and set gaps to .014 , and noticed the advancer springs were so loose it would wobble a bunch so I snipped the springs down a touch and re-hooked the ends to...
  5. focusinprogress

    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    OK, on the 360 last night I swapped coils and the problem didn't follow. So I pulled off the airboxes to see whats going on with the carbs while running as I had a hunch maybe the choke plate was maybe faulty or something like that. Low and behold I realize the right side throttle slide wasn't...
  6. focusinprogress

    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    how were you able to determine that? revving to an RPM and attempting to hold it steady enough while spraying at the boots with some carb clean to see if it jumps enough that you know it wasn't your throttle control raising it?
  7. focusinprogress

    bizarre coincidence needing help - two twins running lean on left side

    SO - I've been working on two bikes here that I've gone completely through and both are exhibiting similar symptoms that I can't seem to figure out the root cause of. Bike 1: 1975 CB360 - ultrasonic cleaned and rebuilt carbs - floats set to 20mm - rebuilt petcock - new points and condenser -...
  8. focusinprogress

    WTB: 77-78 CB550K seat

    looking for a usable seat with no tears for a 77-78 cb550k post up what you've got. located in 14225.
  9. focusinprogress

    Same size and width wheel and tire front and rear?

    your factory tire sizes are showing a 2.5% smaller circumference rear tire that's also 20% wider than the front. stick with those percentages give or take to make the least amount of change to overall geometry. the trouble is to get that you're looking at a 120/70/18 rear tire which typically is...
  10. focusinprogress

    WTB: 1980-1982 GS550e Carbs (or just #2 body)

    Working on a set of carbs for a 1980 gs550e and #2 had a broken post previous owner tried to repair with JBweld. Looking for a replacement #2 body or a full rack of rebuildable carbs I can clean and install kits in. Please email for fastest response
  11. focusinprogress

    Comstars + gsx-r front end
  12. focusinprogress

    Comstars + gsx-r front end

    you may also lose steering radius due to forks contacting your fuel tank. geometry also heavily depends on front wheel/tire size as well. there are some good calculator sites available to help with the math for rake and trail where you can input stock numbers then play around with fork length...
  13. focusinprogress

    1979 cb650 pd carbs and pro pipe chrome megaphone mufflers

    where are the choke plates for the carbs?
  14. focusinprogress

    Jet question

    it could be many things, but do a plug chop at WOT in 5th to see if you're too rich or too lean.
  15. focusinprogress

    CB550 Help

    the original coils are wired as follows: Both coils are bolted to a pair of aluminum mounts, which they are mounted to the frame under the tank with a ground wire eyelet. This is how the coils get ground. There will be a black wire with white tracer that provides switched 12v to the pair of...
  16. focusinprogress

    1979 gs750 rear axle confusion

    I borrowed your first pic for illustration. Blue goes into the sprocket side of the wheel, the dust seal holds it in place. Red goes flange-side into the rotor side of the wheel, then the caliper mounting bracket goes between that and the small spacer circled in yellow. hopefully that makes...
  17. focusinprogress

    Running on one cylinder intermittently (CB450)

    Yes they are...just may have to tweak jetting and such. the trouble with these carbs is the individual idle set screws, individual throttle cables, and the sync of course. What I do first is run the idle screws all the way out so they're both bottomed out. Then adjust the throttle cables so...
  18. focusinprogress

    330mm discs [rotors] with 80mm PCD [honda CB hub]

    2mm might be OK... the bonus with the axial calipers is you can get high tolerance shim washers if necessary and add 2mm of clearance by putting washers between the mount and the caliper, catch is you'd have to also resolve that change in the rotor mounting, so may also need rotor spacers to...
  19. focusinprogress

    Running on one cylinder intermittently (CB450)

    what I've been doing on carb sync's lately is a neat trick I learned from a brit down in georgia. I sync with gauges the old-fashioned way, and then do a double check with an infrared laser thermometer. if the cyl's are within 10* of each aren't getting any better than that....just...
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