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  1. diesel450

    British Bobber, anybody doing one here?

    I have a 64 A50 I'm bobbing and am wondering if there are any build threads here to reference?
  2. diesel450

    CB360 pink Wire! To reg/rec

    Okay, Right because the yellow wires are the same. got it.
  3. diesel450

    CB360 pink Wire! To reg/rec

    Hi, I'm sure this topic is beat to death in here but that just means all you dudes have a quick, ready answer!! Wiring in new Reg rec to replace the old separate units on a 360. White wire combined with yellow to unit this I remember but what to do with the pink wire? same thing? Thanks!!
  4. diesel450

    Who's in Virginia?!

    Going to start promoting it for a regular Sunday morning thing starting middle of June. rocketcoffeecrozet on instagram
  5. diesel450

    Who's in Virginia?!

    Yo! Who's in VA? I moved from New England a few years ago to Central VA and am looking to put together a weekly meet up at my coffee shop in Crozet at the foot of the Blue Ridge 10 minutes from The Blue ridge parkway and Skyline dr. Let me know !! Small Bore Sunday's at Rocket Coffee!!
  6. diesel450

    Needed CB450 Spokes or spokes off any drum brake Honda.

    Hey thanks. the rim I'm using just showed up. I need to unlace it and take some measurements.
  7. diesel450

    Needed CB450 Spokes or spokes off any drum brake Honda.

    Hi, looking for a cheap used set of CB450 front spokes. would take a whole set but if someone had CB350 spokes those would work too and I really only need 2 inner and 2 outer.
  8. diesel450

    What manufacturers used 40 spoke set up?

    Yup. Anyway, anybody got 4 extra spokes kicking around? 2 inner and 2 outer?
  9. diesel450

    What manufacturers used 40 spoke set up?

    About a year ago I bought what was advertised as a CB450 front hub (Drum Brake) Today I finally went to lace it into the rim on my CB350 Race bike. BUT the hub i bought is a 40 spoke hub not a 36. Pretty sure the 450 was also a 36 spoke wheel, Correct? Anybody know what I might actually have? It...
  10. diesel450

    Non running BMW 1150GS Value?

    So a guy just rolled into my driveway at work on his R1150GS the thing sounded awful. sounded like something let go in the top end. He said it just made an awful noise and then lost all power. The bike will start but that is all. Its an early 2000's model with about 83K on it. He may sell it "as...
  11. diesel450

    Anybody from NC, VA, MD area going to Barber?!?! I need some parts ferried back!

    Hi Folks, I'm looking to have a front end I'm buying brought back to central VA from Barber. Anybody going who might have room to shuttle those back for me?
  12. diesel450

    CB500f/550f top tree and fork lowers

    looking for top tree and fork lowers from a 500f or 550f for my CB350 race bike!! Please help!!
  13. diesel450

    94 Ninja 500 value?

    What do you suppose the value is of a 94 ninja 500R in running and in road worthy shape with decent tires on it?
  14. diesel450

    little transport help!!?!

    Hey there every body! I am looking for some help getting a bike that is in pieces (2 large totes and a frame) from Maine to Virginia this Spring or Summer. Anybody in New England trekking South at any point? Could be an under ground rail road thing where somebody picks it up and drops it...
  15. diesel450

    BSA A50 Frame

    Hi guys, I've been vacant from this forum for a long time but always call it home. Hope you all are well! Hey, I'm looking for a BSA A50 frame. if anyone has one let me know!! Diesel!
  16. diesel450

    Need a title?? Easy Peasy from the Great State of Maine!!

    Sorry Guys, BUUUSSSYYY. Ben, I'll get back to you asap.
  17. diesel450

  18. diesel450

    CB400F Fully Faired street racer!!

    Hi All, project got back burnered for a while as I moved. But I'm back at it and got the bike running this weekend. carb build went well and the bike sounds good. I have video I'll post later. need to round up a few missing bits to get her on the road. I need a 400f seat or pan if anyone has one...
  19. diesel450

    CB400F Seat any condition

    Yup, Looking for a seat for a 400f or just a pan is fine too.
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