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  1. waketrip

    Future spanish owner Ace

    Sorry for the delay, I haven't checked on the forum for quite a while (job can be like that sometimes ;D). I'm going to try to get in touch via pm with adat see if he's still around here and checking. One way or the other I figure I might make a post on how I got my hands on my Ace here in...
  2. waketrip

    Exhaust and other parts.

    Spiffmeister, Glad we could help you out. About the header connection to he exhaust flange, yes it is common, quite a few of us has had to enlarge slightly the bolt holes for it to fit. But not that much of a problem as you can see. I suppose ooracing had a bad batch of those. On the other...
  3. waketrip

    Exhaust and other parts.

    Hello spiffmeister, welcome. First of all, cable for the choke: And a new petcock and tubing:
  4. waketrip

    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    If you connect both wires together, it engages the rev limiter that the CDI comes with. There is a small brass flat tipped screw on the CDI that will adjust the rev limit at which the CDI cuts out by turning it right or left. Best thing is to tie both wires together with electrical tape without...
  5. waketrip

    Ace stalling and dying

    Goes the other way round i think? up is on, bottom is reserve and pointing backwards when horizontal is off? maybe these shady chinamen also mount different fuel petcocks? would be good to know.
  6. waketrip

    Carburettor Information

    Red Ace, keep in mind that 30mm carburettors are what's being mounted Stock on 250cc engines, so it'll definitely be too big for a 125 engine. An all around improvement (quicker pickup, smoothness, throttle response) could possibly be achieved by mounting a keihin or mikuni, good quality 26mm...
  7. waketrip

    Top speed?

    My bike is currently setup as follows: -No EGR (manifold screw has been made to sit flush with interior wall and blocked off smoothly with JB weld, in order to not disturb airflow) - Performance CDI without rev limiter (it cuts out at 14000 Rpm, but I wouldn't be here talking with you if I had...
  8. waketrip

    Who can tell me what this is?

    If you say that a spark plug fits the bottom of it, chances are it may be some kind of pencil coils. Pencil coils combine the ignition coil with the spark plug cover, therefore sitting on top of the spark plug and not needing a spark plug wire. However, i find it rare it came with your ace, as...
  9. waketrip

    Oil question

    For what its worth, the second time I changed my oil was at the 1800 km mark, and I'm currently at ~3500km. Oil level has reduced almost a negligible amount, like it went from 7/8ths of the window Just refilled, to 6/8 of the window right now. One thing you have to take into account is that...
  10. waketrip

    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    For those of you that have replaced the twin rear shocks, either for the ooracing ones, or sourced your own, did you measure the top and bottom eye ID?what is the correct bolt size? I know the stock length of the shocks is 330mm, but I don`t currently have a lift to take out the shock to measure...
  11. waketrip

    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Mmm, in mine I've always had to push the seat down slightly in order to screw the bolts completely straightforward, specially the left one, but it's always been the lightest of touches, like with just a thumb. Maybe the rubber flanges on yours are swollen or a little out of spec, they definitely...
  12. waketrip

    Horizontal mounted Oil cooler kit fitting

    Totally with you on that one. Our engine takes just north of 1 litre of oil, and nowadays you can get top of the line, fully synthetic oils (amsoil, mobil 1, whatever really) for about 10$/litre or less, so why bother. Heck, I pay 10$ for a single drink at whatever pub I go to on any weekend, so...
  13. waketrip

    Blowing Globes at high rpm

    I've personally had 2xRear Right Bulb indicators Go out. 1xRear Left Bulb indicator But these where the stock, I guess low quality bulbs, and a cheap old one i had. I've since bought some quality ones (like, 1 $/each ::) ) and been happy ever since. Also, I...
  14. waketrip

    Horizontal mounted Oil cooler kit fitting

    Was actually looking at the Ace manual the other day. The actual reccomended oil change intervals is every 1000km. Taking into consideration Honda actually tried to make this CG engine as primitive, agricultural and bulletproof as possible to be marketed to third world developing countries...
  15. waketrip

    Hello from Spain!

    I've had actually little spare time during this winter due to my job, but as I explained some days ago I've kept riding the Ace and modding the heck out of it. (Big Thanks to the Mediterranean winters and its sunny, middle-of-january weekends, you're the real MVP's ;D). Seeing as I have a...
  16. waketrip


    About this issue, do you guys know what are the spoke sizes to order for the ace? my crude measuring tells me they are about 3.25/3.5 mm diameter and 175/180 cm long? can anyone confirm this? Thanks!
  17. waketrip

    Skyteam Ace Build Database

    Works good for me. Just updated all my info with all the new mods. Let's see if I can find some time to detail them in my ace thread.
  18. waketrip

    Flame on

    Well, it certainly won't help. If you have an overly rich mixture, fuel leftover from the combustion chamber will go to the exhaust. The vacuum created between pulses in the exhaust will suck air into the exhaust through the gap, now you're mixing the excess fuel again with oxygen, and given...
  19. waketrip

    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    I should thank you for promoting Spanish manufacturers! We do really need it, I can tell you that much hahaha! Jokes aside, this last weekend in Madrid, we had the biggest Fair about old motorcycles and cars, with plenty of extremely interesting exhibits. (if you like Bultacos, Ossa's, Montesas...
  20. waketrip

    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    I've actually been doing some extensive research on this subject, since I'm in the process of swapping rims myself (front came warped from factory and wobbles slightly) What wasting countless hours has taught me so far: - Finding a front rim in stock measure 1.4x18 is nigh impossible. Where...
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