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  1. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Had a great 2022 season. Looking forward to 2023.][/URL]][/URL]...
  2. 78kz

    'Faux' z1 (KZ-ZXR)

    Wow, what a change since I saw her on the road some years back. Looks great Drew! I'll have to try to get out to your nick of the woods sometime.
  3. 78kz

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Before:][/URL]][/URL]][/URL] After some Winters maintenance...
  4. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Sunday was 15*C, so decided to start the bikes for the first time this year.][/URL]
  5. 78kz

    Toronto Cafe Racer Bobber groups ?

    Sunday mornings there's a CVMG Meet at Famous Sam's Restaraunt every Sunday during riding season. All types of bikes show. NE corner of Woodbine Av. and Stouffville Rd. Bike parking behind the building, North side. Thursday nights the Tim Hortons in Newmarket, Yonge St just North of Davis Dr...
  6. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    I got the gas tank I'd been using last season repaired, and painted to match the tail and side covers I've been using. Lagoon Turquoise Metalic is the colour. Also got a small Cafe fairing, and painted to match...
  7. 78kz

    CB750 Nighthawk 1994

  8. 78kz

    KZ900 - updated suspension

    Very nice!
  9. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Have recieved the headlight bucket. The gas tank will be getting repaired and painted to match the side covers and tail.][/URL]][/URL]...
  10. 78kz

    '83 GPz750 Resto-Mod (pic heavy)

    Looking good.
  11. 78kz

    FUZE Exelero - Honda CB 750 F

    Nicely done!
  12. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Doesn't look like the painter is going to have my fairing and bodywork ready come Spring, so I'm taking the Clubman bars and fairing mount off, and going with Renthal handle bars and fork ears. Deep headlight bucket on it's way...
  13. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Still riding the KZ. 2500 kms last season, after sitting 5 years. The fairing has been off all season, at a painter buddie's place with a full set of bodywork.][/URL]...
  14. 78kz


    Buy it Tim!
  15. 78kz

    Track Bike - kz550

    Happy Anniversary Drew! 8) Hope to see you out and about this year. Have a newer bike to show you.
  16. 78kz

    Finally warm enough to clean in the garage

    Nice work on the bikes. 8)
  17. 78kz

    1976 Suzuki GT550 2 Stroke

    Great picture above of the two bikes! 8)
  18. 78kz

    78 KZ's Bike - repost from the old forum (locO)

    Been a while. Another season has past, new one approaching. Some pictures and videos. Installed a new Delkevic exhaust near the end of the season. The 30 year old Kerker finally got too rusty. Going through gears 1 to 4: Mid November ride:
  19. 78kz

    79 Kawasaki KZ650 - 8 minute video, 282 West, Pennsylvania

    Re: 79 Kawasaki KZ650 - A Xmas Miracle: First Engine Start (Video) Well done Ted. Looks and sounds great! 8)
  20. 78kz

    Has the DDT Toronto Died ?

    Well almost April! I managed a ride a few weeks back, but just got hit with an ice storm the last few days. Looks nice on the trees, but sucks overall. Supposed to warm up to the teens in a few days. ;D Out at Famous Sam's in Gormley a few weeks back:
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