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    CB500K clutch cable - Side of the road

    Hello - So my clutch cable snapped, I have a replacement cable in my bag. Swapped it out, bike will not engage any gears. Please HALP =( Phone battery also dieing...
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    Big thanks to dualitymike

    Just wanted to offer thanks to dualitymike for sending me parts from Canada to Seattle. Appreciate it! If you have a chance to deal with him, it'll be worth your time!
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    1973 Honda CB500 Stock Float bowl/reservoir (#2)

    Thanks - shot you a PM!
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    1973 Honda CB500 Stock Float bowl/reservoir (#2)

    Hey guys/gals - I've been struggling trying to find this part for the stock carb and its been prohibiting me form getting her running for the spring.. If you have one or can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate your help. Any/all help would be greatly appreciated. ;D Thanks!
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    '74 CB500 stock float bowl

    Anyone have one laying around they'd be interested in selling me? Shipping to Seattle. ~Memnauk
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    Bobbing Stock Chrome Fenders

    Matt - I've been curious about this also. I'm going to be working on this late next week so I'll update you with progress! Memnauk~
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    Seat search

    Will do, thanks for responding Titan.
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    Seat search

    Oh thanks so much fellas, deeply appreciated! That DCC one is close, but it doesn't have a flat back off the pan. I was trying to avoid a hoop. Close though ;D
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    Seat search

    Hey all - trying to find this seat, any help would be appreciated. 73' CB500 Four. Thanks!
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