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    Lasertec wobbles

    No one ever follows up on posts like this, so the next guy with the same issue doesn't get help. So, here's what I found: The rear wheel had a little run out on it. Not out of round, just not true. So, I trued that up (all the years of slamming BMX bikes and lacing my own wheels made it a...
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    Lasertec wobbles

    I can't be certain without checking, but I seem to remember checking that the tire was even all the way around the rim. I'm have to double check and remount if needed. I'll let you guys know. Thanks for the reminder!
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    Lasertec wobbles

    We all know these wheels make tire mounting a pain in the ass since they don't have a drop center. I let a local shop do it and shot the shit with the guy while he was working. If I'd had access to a tire machine, I would have done it myself. The bead wasn't damaged from my view (5ft away)...
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    Lasertec wobbles

    After building my bike... ...I've finally put about 500 miles on it. From the get go I knew the front wheel had a little side to side run out. Probably a 1/16". so, I ignored the fact that the front had a little shake. While on a ride with some friends a couple weeks ago, one of the guys...
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    cb360 blowing oil

    Oh shit, well that makes sense! I'll try to get in there tonight to see what I find.
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    cb360 blowing oil

    I should clarify, the cover is not leaking. the 2ft long hose coming from the cover is leaking.
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    cb360 blowing oil

    the girlfriend just picked up a 360 for her first bike. 6k on the clock. Ran beautifully on the test ride, but about half way home on the freeway, it started blowing oil out of the breather tube (top of the head). Since I broke my foot, we had a friend riding it, and it was very apparent to...
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    6.00x16" Front and Rear Tires

    Makes me hungry for donuts... I kinda like it.
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    Fork tube Diameters list

    Kinda funny how any year ending in 8 turned into "cool".
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    do i need this chain guard thing?

    Can you explain that one to me...
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    Internally wired bars with extra drilled holes - too weak?

    That will all depend on wall thickness, how close together the holes are, and how large the holes are.
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    '74 CB550 dual brakes? Yes, I'm serious!

    I've done that with three other sites, but they keep coming back saying it isn't available. Thanks though.
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    headlight and Speedometer & Tach needed for 77' cb550

    I have gauges from a 74 cb550 as well as a couple lights from a cb500t that would bolt up. Hit me up if you're interested.
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    '74 CB550 dual brakes? Yes, I'm serious!

    So, I've looked and looked, but I can't track down that drive gear. What has anyone else done to get this setup done while retaining a speedo?
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    Should I bake my brake caliper?

    The only thing you'll damage is the piston seal. Get the piston and seal out, spray it out with brake clean so it doesn't smoke nearly as much, and have at it. You can't really damage anything other than rubber or plastic.
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    Need opinions on these two tanks please

    I'm the only one that likes the 360 tank I guess....
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    totally gay Harley half helmet

    Showed it to a gay coworker. He lol'd.
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    How do you keep your shop/garage warm?

    I'm way more old school with my two car, detached garage. got it from Northern Tool. Then, find a couple businesses in the area that have to pay to dispose of pallets, put a wood blade on the sawzall, and you have free heat all winter. I refuse to pay for wood when you can find some that...
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    '74 CB550 dual brakes? Yes, I'm serious!

    Thank you! The drive gear is what was holding me up!
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