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    71 CB350 K3 cafe for sale near Chicago

    Very clean CB350. Can't ride anymore. Need to sell bikes. Clean titles. Great bike. Also selling '78 SR.
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    78 SR for sale near Chicago

    For sale near Chicago. Got to sell bikes due to shoulder injury. Super clean. Powder coated frame. Starts on first kick. Also selling a CB350 cafe racer.
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    My 1979 SR500 Spare Bike. Minor Assembly Requuired. Great Deal.
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    more slipstream cycle bs

    Ordered and paid for a $60 bracket 3 months ago. Got the "should've been sent" a few times. Then got the tornado line about a month ago. Sorry for tornado victims but do you run a business or not? I know its only $60. But I had to work for that $60. Now he wont even return emails. Friggin...
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    Viet's Rearsets

    Purchased set of these for CB350. Delivered to US from overseas within five days. Seller was awesome to work with. I recommend these rearsets. Solid quality. My only question: Is there a way to adjust the travel of the brake lever? I flipped the cam and adjusted rearset to where I want it...
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    kill switch works reverse

    Can anyone help me tackle this one? Completly rebuilt 71 CB350 K3. Aftermarket switches. My kill switch works in reverse. I purchased the switch from Dimecity and its a solidly built switch. Bike will run in both off positions and shut down in the run position. I have tried two other...
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    CL350 Stock Air Cleaner Replacement

    Dude I got a nos set of metal side filters. Send me a pm.
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    Source: CB pilot jet?

    Sirius Consolidated. Didn't realize how much stuff they had.
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    Source: CB pilot jet?

    Where can I find stock CB350 primary jet? I've done a quick search and can only find the later model Keihin pilot jets. I need 35s and have 38s.
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    It Lives

    No, its actually the stock headlight off an 80 Yamaha XS650. Had it laying around from an old project.
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    It Lives

    I've got some crazy ideas on the color. Waiting to see if I talk myself out of them. The polishing was actually the easy part of this rebuild. Most of it was done by the previous owner and left wrapped in newspaper. I sent the hubs out but that is about it. Thanks. These are cool little...
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    It Lives

    Got this as a total basket case--cases split, trans pieces all over. Still in primer. Haven't picked a color but wanted to get it up and running. Started up on second kick. Still got some carb stuff to sort out but the thing runs. Amazing. Will finish up covers and tank over winter.
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    Lower 71 honda cl350

    PJ, good info and makes sense. This XS is lowered with 2-inch lowering blocks. Bike is stable at some speed but around the city can feel "heavy." I am not really a lowered bike kind of guy however. More the stock, standard preference. For anyone reading this post I am looking to sell it...
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    Lower 71 honda cl350

    The bike will handle differently. I lowered my xs650 2 inches in the rear and dropped the front about an inch just even out how it stood. Bike is definitely more twitchy. Not unmanageable but quick to find a bad angle---if that makes sense. XS650 is a lot heavier than 350 tho.
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    79 xs650 mild cafe

    Nice bike. No $$$ paint job, one-off triple clamps, etc. Just looks like a good, fun ride. Good luck.
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    Electrical help!

    Same thing happened to me on my two wire taillight from DCC--until I hooked up a ground.
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    71 cb350 Faulty ignition switch

    Thanks. I'll have to check over what I did because I have parking lights.
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    71 cb350 Faulty ignition switch

    The aftermarket ignition switch I bought does not provide juice to the brown/white wire, in first or second position. Manufacture defect? If I am reading the diagram correct, brown/white should be hot in the first position to give juice to tach light and taillight. To get around this I just...
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    Looking for a good machine shop in Chicago?

    I have used Weimer Machine on Ogden Ave in Berwyn a few times. Used them on a CB350, T160 Triumph, a T120 Triumph. I always take the specs that I want into them. They'll match up pistons to cylinders. Always immaculate work. Heads run great. They take the time to explain exactly what they...
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