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    "Rust" Honda CB450SC Cafe/Bobber (first bike build)

    Re: Dom Rep's Honda CB450SC Cafe/Bobber Not sure about the manual but Amazon may be your best bet, or you might find a second hand one on eBay. The café bobber look is cool if done right, is that other bike you posted the Wrenchmonkees bike?
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    1973 Honda CL350 - first cafe

    CL350's make some of the best café bikes out there, will look forward to watching your build as it progresses.
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    "Rust" Honda CB450SC Cafe/Bobber (first bike build)

    Re: Dom Rep's Honda CB450SC Cafe/Bobber That could be a really great looking bike, what style of build are you going for? How does the engine look close up? You need some patience to get it running again but it is a Honda, so you've got an advantage there.
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    Light grey smoke

    Plug looks okay but I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. I've been told it might be piston rings or valves, I live in the city and don't have a garage so fixing stuff myself is a little tricky...
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    Light grey smoke

    I'm still a little new around here but wondered if anyone could give me the low down on what could be causing light grey smoke from an air-cooled Honda GB250 single? It only seems to smoke after it's been running for 10-15 mins and then it smokes continuously, not big clouds of smoke, just a...
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    Jenny's Bobber -75 Honda CB500T coming to Barber!

    Re: Tires Done! Black Bobber 1975 Honda CB500T Love the choice of tires! Will be curious how it handles with that largish front tire but jesus, it looks great.
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    Just what i need- another bike! CB400F

    Good luck with the build, will keep any eye on it, I'm a big fan of the CB400 :)
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    Project "RAW DAWG" CB350

    Re: Project "RAW DAWG" Good luck with the motor! Any ideas yet for tires? I think they can make or break a bike.
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    MAY 2011 BOTM VOTING - if you don't vote you don't get to complain

    Unless they kill Bin Laden. Then it's all kosher.
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    MAY 2011 BOTM - WINNER!

    Such a great bike, nice to see smaller capacity bikes getting airtime!
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    Love those dual airfilters! What's the story with the tank, is it original or handfab?
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    Tachibana Helmets.

    Really wish they'd get these DOT certified.
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    I cannot wait to see this bike when it's done. Love that paint work.
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    indy cb360 cafe

    This is such a great build, love the lack of chrome or superfluous add-ons. Does that seat get hot with the exhaust there?
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    This is such a great little bike. Love the micro drum on the front and the "proper" Kawasaki green!
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    Hello From Silodrome

    My name is James and I'm new here. I'm the editor of and currently ride a grey import Honda GB250 (perfect city bike). I'm originally from London and am currently living in HK developing (boring non-motorcycle related) products for the EU and US markets. Attached a pic of the...
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