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  1. esmoojee

    1979 CB750L. My first cafe/brat project. Denver Area

    It’s been a while since I was here. The part number for the r6 is in the comments section of the video I shared.
  2. esmoojee

    1982 CB750F...Better Devil

    Re: 1982 CB750F Resto-mod. At least that's the current plan. Here’s a cheaper shock option for you....
  3. esmoojee

    1979 CB750L. My first cafe/brat project. Denver Area

    Or find an r6 starter clutch and do swap that will outlast the motor. I did it on my 750 and never had another problem.
  4. esmoojee

    Getting a new carb for CB750dohc

    I’ve had cr specials on two bikes, a 79 CB750F and 93 Honda Nighthawk 750. I’ve also put Mikuni VM29’s on the dohc 750f. I had adapters for them that are pretty damn rare. I’ll say this, I liked the Mikuni’s the best. They seemed the smoothest of the two types. I ended up putting on CR’s which...
  5. esmoojee

    "the Mooch"

    Why can’t they go to a port of entry like other immigrants that came here in the past to establish a better life? If they’re truly seeking sanctuary then there should be no problem going about it legally. Sneaking into someone else’s country seems suspect to me. They know they’re breaking our...
  6. esmoojee

    Dohc Cb750f: possibly a valve issue

    I’d say petcock, you should only check valves cold. Did you set the float height? That could affect it also.
  7. esmoojee

    DOHC CB750 - very stiff clutch lever

    I had a problem with a stiff clutch and not being able to go into neutral at idle. I found from another forum a mod. Replace the oil pusher with a modified one and replace the riveted plate with two regular steel plates and the clutch was smooth as butter. I also switched out the lift plate on...
  8. esmoojee

    1981 CB750C “cafe style”

    I don’t think they’re looked down on. They make for great builds, the problem is everyone wants to put pods on the stock carbs. Go with direct lift carbs like Keihin CR’s or FCR. You can fit Mikuni too if you have adapters. You’ll save yourself a huge headache trying to get them to run right...
  9. esmoojee

    83 CB750 Rear Shock length

    what model? F, C, K, Nighthawk? The F uses a 13” shock the C and K smaller. The Nighthawk I’m unsure of....
  10. esmoojee

    FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build

    Here you go. I got a tc bros and had it welded further forward close to the front engine mount.
  11. esmoojee

    FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build

    Yea, I think they may be in the way. I had to move mine.
  12. esmoojee

    Smokey breather

    From what I’ve read it can either be moisture in the crankcase or blow by from the rings. I have the same thing in my cb750. I’m getting 170 psi on all four cylinders on my bike. Maybe someone else will chime in.
  13. esmoojee

    FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build

    Looking really good!!! You’re probably gonna have to relocate the kickstand. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but the bike looks dope!
  14. esmoojee

    1980 cb750f bogging at full throttle

    It may be a little lean actually. Try lowering the clip on the needle. My cr’s were bogging a little at mid range and my plugs showed it. I dropped the clip and she pulls great now. If you richen it and it’s still bogging then go the other way. I was told it was better to be a little rich then...
  15. esmoojee

    02 Yamaha r1 triple tree with 79-83 cb750 stem

    Anyone looking for a triple tree for a fork swap. I have one for sale. I bought the stem from cognitomoto and had it pressed in at the Honda/Yamaha dealer in NYC. I have the bearings and adjustable steering stops I’ll include. $250 + shipping. Ed
  16. esmoojee

    relocating the rear suspension of a 1979 cb750

    It’s a lot of work. You’d need to fabricate a whole new sub frame on the rear. It’s possible but you’re going to need to do a lot of homework. You need to take into account the geometry of the finished product. Measure everything thirty times (an exaggeration) and expect to spend a lot of time...
  17. esmoojee

    Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K

    There’s a relay mod to charge the coils faster, there’s a shifting mod because from the factory the bike sometimes doesn’t want to downshift properly. Um, there’s a clutch mod to make it smoother. So much you can do if you have the money.
  18. esmoojee

    Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K

    The R6 will last a long time, it’s just a better design. The original starter clutches weren’t great the bearings fail. You’ll know when it goes. The red loctite should last at least as long time. Just make sure you clean the oil off really well.
  19. esmoojee

    Montreal Manchild with an '81 Honda CB750K

    You’d be surprised how many upgrades and mods there are for these bikes.
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