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    Building a better ignition system.

    The HEI module uses a stock coil with virtually zero ohms. Any coil will work but more ohms on the primary means less heat. Use a good heat sink with the module and use the heat transferring paste on the back. There is no doubt for me that a big super powered spark makes for a better performing...
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    Axle clamp crack

    Cracked axle clamps are a common problem with OIF Triumphs so don't feel alone. Check for tightening procedure. One side clamps first. Tom
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    Carburetor Spacers?

    Longer usually means the tuning comes in lower rpm. The runners need to be pretty long for perfect tuning. There is also a ram effect which uses inertia of moving mixture. Keeping the throttle close to the valve gives good overall running for a street bike. Tom
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    vm 30 is it not enough?

    A pentroof combustion chamber not hemi.
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    Exhaust question

    Of course you are correct, there is engine performance which you've mentioned. Also weight, simplicity of construction, looks... Sound is important to many. Tom
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    Exhaust question

    Each cylinder will have a slightly unique sound. Individual pipes/mufflers sound nice harmonizing together. You don't get that same quality with a 4 into 1. Tom
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    vm 30 is it not enough?

    I had an early CX500 and I believe it had 34mm CV carbs. The CV type of carb is hindered in ultimate flow by the butterfly and shaft through the throat of the carb. I would be surprised if the 30mm VM did not out flow the 34mm CV. I feel the 30 should work fine. A larger carb may or may not be...
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    Aged paint affect

    I'm not a painter but I believe some will paint over contrasting colors and sand through the top coat to get a worn look. Drastically thinned paint may help also. Tom
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    Just toying with an idea... Electric "boost"

    I'd like to see the electric motor driving the engine. This way the electric motor could be used as both the charging and starting systems as well as a boost of power. I've always thought a hub motor would make a good sidecar wheel. Set up with care, the hub motor would provide both...
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    Custom Tank Badges - Does anyone here make them?

    I read some jewelry books on using acrylic clay. There are different metal versions of the clay as well as colors. You mold this stuff like modeling clay then bake it in an oven and it gets hard. I wanted to make bike parts with this stuff and a tank badge would probably be the best use. Tom
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    Ohio: reassigning a title to the correct year ('69 to a '68)

    Please note! In Ohio the seller and buyer must have their name on the notarized title!!! A friend bought a bike with just the owners name notarized on the title and when he took the title in he forgot to sign his own name (buyer) on the back. The clerk voided the title. Total sucking freak out...
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    Reusing Seat Foam

    Have you considered layering thin foam of the proper stiffness? Carpet foam and yoga pads are two that come to mind. Carpet foam is free in the trash in my neighborhood. Just check and grab a corner piece that never got walked on. Tom
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    Ohio: reassigning a title to the correct year ('69 to a '68)

    So many have had trouble titleing bikes in Ohio that the only advise I can give is just get the good title in your name before trying anything else. Tom
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    Carb slide stuck

    What carb? Have you tried spray carb cleaner to dissolve varnish or is the problem corrosion? Tom
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    Harbor Freight MC tire changer - making it actually work

    Great stuff Bill. I've lusted after the HF tool for a long time but I wouldn't use it enough. I change about a half dozen tires a year, not enough for a changer but enough for some ideas that help. The simplest and most help is cutting a rim protector from the side of a milk jug. I cut a flat...
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    Brembo 4 piston caliper with 11mm MC?!

    The 11mm MC is a common change to make both a single disk SR500 and XS650 have more powerful brakes. Many are using an 11mm master with the stock caliper as you have yours now. I suspect there is air in the system as air is difficult to remove and even a small amount shows up with the smaller...
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    Exhaust: Cocktail Shaker vs Dunstall

    I like the Dunstall. I've had them on bikes since my '71 Norton in 1972. I have them on my T140 now. The Emgo copy is not the same but close. The Dunstall had a washer welded in the perforated tube where the Emgo has a perforated disk. Minor detail and the disk can be drilled or removed. This...
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    TEC shocks too hard?

    The original springs can sometimes be used. Match up the diameter and length. Tom
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    Those buttons to secure seat fabric that rivet to attach

    Check a CT-70 vendor for seat buttons or studs. should have some. Hope this is what you want. Tom
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    Any ideas on what caused this hole?

    Detonation shock wave scours the insulating laminar layer of gas off the top of the piston. This layer of gas protects the piston top from the intense heat of combustion. With out the insulating gas the piston aluminum softens and eventually blows through. No matter the cause, the easiest way to...
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