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    New member from Florida

    Just picked up this real clean 89 radian. Added some mx type bars, race tech fork springs, and new richer needles. Next up may be some piggyback shocks. Pretty fun little bike. Also adding some smaller turn signals. Pics to come. . Sent from my iPad using DO THE TON
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    1989 radian

    Thanks. Yeah. I think I'm just going to ride it and have fun. It's got good power and looks the part. Not bad for Sent from my iPad using DO THE TON
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    1989 radian

    Just picked up this really nice two owner radian with 11,000 miles. I put some pro taper style bars off my TM racing dirt bike, painted the grab rail black and here she sits I don't have any experience with these but it looks to be a fun kick around town bike. Any thoughts? Forks are a bit...
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