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    Registering custom motorcycle in Ontario Canada

    Good morning Tim, This has been an awesome and detailed write up regarding your registration odyssey with Service Ontario. It's a great "road map" for other Ontarians to follow. Service Ontario establishments seem, as a group, to be the most intransient people I've ever dealt with. If you...
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    Fiberglass Fairing and Seat Molds for Sale

    We have a number of fiberglass fairing and seat moulds for sale. They were built by composite professionals, are in good to great condition, only need a coat of mould release wax and they are ready for use. In some cases, the mould price is less than the cost to buy the part. Pick up in...
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    Honda Ascot Race Bike for Sale

    I'm posting this for a friend. Pix can be found on the CVMG website, "motorcycles for sale" section. Please contact Bill directly. "I have converted our Honda Ascot SOS racer into an eligible road racer for Period Three - Light Weight Superbike complying with VRRA, AHRMA, and USCRA rule books...
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    NOS Countershaft Sprockets for Sale

    This ad is probably more for our Canadian members, as shipping to the US may be a bit steep. The sprockets are NOS, in the original package in most cases. They have JTF part numbers marked on them (see the photos), but some are from other manufacturers, so you may end up with a Renthal (or...
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    Garage Sale in St. Catharines Ontario

    Email Wayne and ask him. Pat
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    Way up here where the land is snow aka Canada LOL, I was emailing Santa the other day and he sent me a few photos of his bikes - a HT Arial and his '51 Triumph road racer - that he was taking a last scoot on before doing some last minute wrenching on his sled. Have a Very Merry and a Happy New...
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    Colour Match for Early '70's Kawasaki Engine Covers

    I'm working on a couple of early '70's Kawasaki F7, 175 cc. street / enduro bikes and want to respray the engine side covers with as close a match as possible to the silver paint that Kawasaki used. Any suggestions? Thanks, Patrick
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    WTB 1970's RD125 Rear Hub / Wheel

    I'm looking for a 1970's RD125 complete rear hub, including brake backing plate and arm, axle adjusters and sprocket carrier. I would consider a complete rear wheel - not worried about the sprocket, rim or spokes condition as I will relace the wheel and buy a new sprocket. Some of the small...
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    CB450 front drum conversion

    The CB/CL 450's are pretty heavy bikes and at the very least, I'd try to find a 450 drum front brake, which is a bigger brake than the CB/CL350's. I found it pretty easy to fade the front drum on any stock CB350 I rode and can't imagine using one on a lot heavier bike. The Honda CB72/77 250 /...
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    Time for power up, CB 350 pistons with Super Hawk cams and 26mm carb would get me how much hp? Need to hit the ton.

    I think the Benly Dream CA72/77 has a different crankshaft, ignition and camshaft than the CB72/77 Hawk / Superhawk. One is a 180 crank and the other is a 360 crank. So, you would have to change the crank / cam / ignition, so maybe a better bet is to send a Benly cam to a cam grinder and get...
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    Carb Float Bowl Gasket Materlal

    Pulled a roll of FelPro Karropak off the store room shelf and I'll be jiggered, it says, "for sealing oil, coolant and gasoline". Never knew, always just used it for engine gaskets. Thanks, Pat
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    Carb Float Bowl Gasket Materlal

    I've an old Kawasaki enduro carb I'm working on - very clean inside and no issues except for a missing float bowl gasket. A DPO had tried to use some sort of sealant, which lasted about a minute before it started leaking. Has anyone found sheet gasket material that works for float bowl gaskets...
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    Make a slow bike fast - KZ750 Twin

    Chinwagging with some of the old racing relics I know regarding the KZ750B, they remembered some guys here in Canada tried to dirt track them back in the '70's. The biggest problem seemed to be keeping the balance shaft chain from flying apart at racing rpm's, aside from the motor needing all...
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    Garage Sale in St. Catharines Ontario

    I'm posting this for friend and retired road racer Wayne Raynard. Really fast back in the day and obviously a real pack rat today LOL. Some great stuff at excellent prices. For additional information, photos, whatever, contact Wayne directly using the email listed. The stuff is in St...
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    SOLD NOS Yamaha TZ250H Style Fiberglass Seat

    SOLD Fiberglass Seat, TZ250 Yamaha H / J / K Style New Old Stock. Never been drilled or mounted. Was a spare for one of the race bikes, which was sold years ago. Same shape and profile as a standard Yamaha TZH seat except the seat base hump has been reduced in height. Yellow paint job has some...
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    SOLD NOS Fiberglass Road Racing Seat, "Roberts Slipstreamer"

    SOLD New Old Stock. Never been drilled or mounted. Was a spare for one of the race bikes, which was sold years ago. Same shape and profile as the original slipstreamer seats from the ‘70’s, but with a flat seat base. Sturdy construction, in white gelcoat. Two tiny little chips in the gelcoat at...
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    pidjones' bicentenial build - a '76 RD400

    Look at doing an ignition coil upgrade using automotive coils, condensers and ballast resistors (Oregon Motorcycle Parts has a kit for this, if you don't wish to source the parts yourself). I did this with my 350 Yamaha, set the spark plug gap at .035" instead of the factory-specified .028 and...
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    CB450 Littler Weber Carb and/or Manifold

    Not a retrofit from something else. Brian Littler produced the manifolds and also manufactured a complete CB450 rolling chassis called a "Littler Honda". My recollections from 50 or so years ago are, it was a pretty nice bike with a nickle plated frame and equipped with top shelf bits like...
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    For Sale, 1973 Triumph T140 750cc Cafe Bike

    My friend Lou has his 1973 Triumph Bonneville Cafe bike for sale. It features: Aluminum tank& seat Electronic ignition Electronic voltage regulator Engine totally rebuilt - I mean totally, all new Kibblewhite valves, springs, guides, fresh rebore .020”over pistons, rings, every bearing...
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    #570 Minnett Hack

    A few photos of #570 Hack were posted on the chat room. Got a couple of photos from Dave last night, couldn't get then to post on the chat room, so here ya go. Pat
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