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  1. locOleoN

    FOR SALE: 71 XS650 MANX Cafe Racer Certified - $3000 - TORONTO

    hello boys and girls! Its been awhile since I've waded in these waters! I gotta get rid of a few bikes that I've lost complete interest in. So Ive decided to get rid of my 71 XS650 Cafe racer that was insured 5 or 6 seasons ago. This cafe racer is NOT a trailer queen, its rough and tough and...
  2. locOleoN

    FS or FT 2015 Alpinestars GP Pro Leather Jacket: SIZE: 40US/50EURO

    Looking to trade my 2015 Alpinestars GP Pro Leather Jacket, preferably for the same or similar jacket but one size up! Practically new, Size 40US/50EURO, looking for a Size 42US/52 EURO Its truly an amazing jacket, no feeling of restriction in the shoulders and back. It us just too small...
  3. locOleoN

    FS: RARE NOS xs650 70-73 3.5mm clutch plates for sale

    Hello all, Just cleaning up my old parts and I found 10 NOS clutch plates for a 70-73 XS650. These are the 3.5mm thick friction plates that you can not get anymore anywhere. These are brand new, in their original packaging & extremely rare KIMPEX part# 052226 OEM# YPK-4 All 10 pieces for...
  4. locOleoN

    Is This The Last

    Meh... Because it's Thursday.. And I can..
  5. locOleoN

    Is This The Last

    Ah.. so this is DTT's second post ever... #TBT
  6. locOleoN

    TRULY OUR OWN HOME!! more renting!!..

    And it was all downhill from there..
  7. locOleoN

    TRULY OUR OWN HOME!! more renting!!..

    You were one of the Originals... Do you remember how we came to creating DTT? That was eons ago.. in a galaxy far far ..way..
  8. locOleoN

    TRULY OUR OWN HOME!! more renting!!..

    WOW.. here's a throw back to another dynasty.. This is one of the first ever DTT post on DTT..
  9. locOleoN

    SIMPSON BANDIT HELMETS... The new Cafe Racer must??!!...

    7 years since I started this thread... Are people still rocking these Bandit helmets anymore?.. Just wondering... I just got a PM from someone asking if I still have these helmets..
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  11. locOleoN

    FS: SR500 HyperPAK Ignition & Oil Temp gauge

    I have for sale some leftover SR500 goodies that I bought this new for my SR500 a few years back but never ended up putting it in the bike before it sold. HyperPAK Performance Ignition: • Hyperpak is an aftermarket CDI Unit, and is a direct plug in replacement for the original manufacturers...
  12. locOleoN


    yeah, its a very cool jacket. I even had the yellow and black one for a while... They are getting pretty darn hard to get, even on ebay!
  13. locOleoN


    I have for sale my Icon Retro Daytona Jacket Size Small. Perfectly worn in, no rips or tears. From a smoke free home. 8/10 shape. Ridden hard and put away wet. That's probably the easiest way to describe the Retro Daytona jacket. Thanks to an exclusive Icon distressing technique, the...
  14. locOleoN

    FS: Motorcycle Tactical vest & matching Shark Raw Helmet Combo

    Its been a billion years since I've last been or posted here but I thought you guys might be interested... or not.. I don't care.. Anyhow, I have a custom made, one of a kind tactical motorcycle vest and a matching Shark Raw helmet for sale The vest is a size small based on a...
  15. locOleoN

    Fight Club Jacket

    yep.. Like he said.. don't by that "Corinthian Leather" crap... Try to get horse hide which will outlast even you!
  16. locOleoN

    Fight Club Jacket

    $150+ Shipping. I'm 5'7 185 pounds, heavy on top - not belly weight... Its fits me snug, I can zip it up fine, but its too tight in the upper chest and I cant really by hunched over grabbing my clip-ons. It feels like the shoulder seams will rip if I do... Its a size 40/42
  17. locOleoN

    Fight Club Jacket

    nope.. just scuffs.. its an old jacket.. IF you want it, its for sale... Its a bit snug in the upper chest for me now...
  18. locOleoN

    **The Newest locO bike... not what you'd expect....**

    Now thats the dogs bollix!.. Heres another headlight that Im working on for another project: Yet to be put together, painted and mounted... DOGS BOLLIX
  19. locOleoN

    Well.. Well... Look what limped it way to the stables this morn...

    So today, some toying around in the garage: - Swing-arm extension - new 150 link chain - extended Goodridge brakelines BEFORE: DURING: AFTER: BEFORE: DURING: AFTER: I'm waiting for the damn 65T sprocket and the dual rear caliper mount to come in.. Take that bitches!..
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