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  1. stroker crazy

    Who is Still "Sky Teaming" It

    Mine is undergoing a much needed refurbish/upgrade - this will probably take some time ...
  2. stroker crazy

    2004 SV650 Neo Classic Cafe Fighter

    +1 on the subframe ...
  3. stroker crazy

    DR650 Cafe. Scratch Built Amelioration

    This will be very interesting ...
  4. stroker crazy

    V Star 650

    One of the all time great builds. Radical styling, impeccable craftsmanship ...
  5. stroker crazy

    Ace with 33mm aftermarket forks

    Not that I know of - keep us posted if you go ahead.
  6. stroker crazy

    Gas Tank Leaks - Anyone used a tank sealer?

    Caswell's Dragons Blood - it does the job.
  7. stroker crazy

    2x stroke street tracker - project coming together slowly.

    A great looking bike! Should be heaps of fun ...
  8. stroker crazy

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    "For your high-speed run ONLY, I'd go with the narrowest tires that can go on those rims. Both for rolling resistance, wind resistance and weight. Tires are pretty heavy so that's an opportunity to trim some KGs, right?" ... and you could inflate them with helium!
  9. stroker crazy

    Texas Two Step Taco

    It's good to have you back!
  10. stroker crazy

    ‘64 Honda S90

    Most beautiful S90 ever ...
  11. stroker crazy

    New ST ace 50cc

    I wouldn't have thought a 50cc motor would need restricting! My 'Ace' experience is limited to the 250, but I will see if I have any information on the 50 amongst my files.
  12. stroker crazy

    Any other Aussies still around?

    Can't help with bushes, unfortunately ...
  13. stroker crazy

    Any other Aussies still around?

    If you're missing any OEM parts, I might have them.
  14. stroker crazy

    Any other Aussies still around?

    Welcome to DTT. Not much action on the 'Ace' section these days. My bike is undergoing a long overdue refurbishment.
  15. stroker crazy


    I used Tarozzi folding pegs on mine. If you live in Sydney you could get them at Motociclo.
  16. stroker crazy

    June Nineteenth…

    Just about the most exciting rider of all time. Those were the days, and those were the bikes ...
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