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  1. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Well I got the head rebuilt yesterday. Was able to refresh the existing parts with a good cleaning and it was all in nearly new condition. Very happy with the results so far. We lapped the valves into the new head and got them all in place. I will check for valve clearance after the engine is...
  2. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Thanks for the reply Hillsy!
  3. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Well I am back at it. After a flood in my house, a death in the family and life in general getting in the way I managed to build myself a workbench from some old industrial steel shelving. I have my dissassembled engine up on the bench and am taking stick of what is next. I need to get the...
  4. Patmanbbe

    Tracker/Cafe Racer - FJ600

    that isn't the stock gas tank. what bike is that tank from? was it a direct fit?
  5. Patmanbbe

    "Woody" a '75 cb750k cafe racer woodgrain paint. Done 4/15!

    look up cone engineering. they have a lot of various styles and finish quality is very good so I am told.
  6. Patmanbbe

    Aussie 1982 CB750 DOHC - First Build

    Awesome info Teazer! I am in the process of calculating Rake, swing arm droop and my seat height. That link was very helpful. Thanks for posting it up!
  7. Patmanbbe

    October 2013 XV750 Project ;)

    you should lower those forks internally rather than sliding them up the trees. While you have them opened up you can toss in some better springs. You can get a progressive set or RaceTech also sells some good ones. When I had my '82 Virago a couple years back rebuilding the forks with new...
  8. Patmanbbe

    1981 Yamaha XS650 chopper build.

    Man I want to do one of these xs650 Hardtails. Great looking bike man. Nice work.
  9. Patmanbbe

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    I love this bike! This needs to be in the running for BOTM.
  10. Patmanbbe

    XR400 Cafe Inspired Project

  11. Patmanbbe

    Venduro DT360 build

    any updates on this one?
  12. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    I still have the stock chain guard but it is pretty beat... I plan to bend a new one up from some scrap aluminum I have laying around. I am pretty sure the PO just let it rub the edge of the tire as the tire is pretty worn on the chain side.
  13. Patmanbbe

    My Try NX650

    Great looking bike! I really like the lines you created with the frame and tank. I am not typically a fan of Red and Black combo but you nailed it with this. Nice job.
  14. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Thanks for the complements. I still need to get some proper bushings in the swing arm mount for the linkage and a couple low profile bolts to lock it all down so its not done quite yet. That shock is from a 2010-13 FZ-8. Its a bit longer than stock hence the adjustable linkage I had to mock up...
  15. Patmanbbe

    74 RD350 - Anything more than 2 strokes is a waste ^^^Whoomp there it is!!!
  16. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Here are a couple pics of the bike up on its wheels I still need to adjust the rear suspension linkage as the rear end is sitting a bit low. I also need to make some spacers for the linkage so I can torque it all down tight. little by little it is coming along. Probably wont use this tank...
  17. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    Still chugging along. I have been learning to weld and working on the frame and suspension with my Pops. I am working on making the rear suspension linkage adjustable for ride height adjustments. It is costing more than I had hoped but its going to look and function very nicely. I also got the...
  18. Patmanbbe

    HollywoodMX's xv920/TR1 Cafe super-dupe!

    This thing is gonna sit very low. Good thing you went with rearsets or you would be scraping the stock pegs all over the place. I llike the modern exhaust better any way you could bring them in closer? Maybe move the upsweep closer to the rearsets? Nice looking XV man.
  19. Patmanbbe

    Tracker/Cafe Racer - FJ600

    Great looking start to your build! I am also building an '84 FJ600. I see you got it all wired up and started it up. Did you rewire it from scratch? If so you mind sharing a diagram of how you wired it up? I am a bit stuck on my electrical. Thanks!
  20. Patmanbbe

    '84 FJ600 build

    I haven't made any real progress as my family and I are moving to a house from our apartment. I am so stoked to have a workspace at my home where I can make some good progress daily. I plan to take my time and make the fj600 a real peach. In other news I picked up a vstar 650! A friend of my...
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