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  1. doodoo

    new guy in SC

    Welcome! Im in SC also. Come up to Lancaster alot to see me mum!
  2. doodoo

    Hardtail "kit" for a CB400 or CB500 twin? Anyone seen one?

    Factory Metal Works in charlotte has them for cheap too, esp. on their ebay page
  3. doodoo

    Salvage yard in South Carolina

    thats it. Right on, got family in Rock Hill, pretty straight forward trip. I-77S to I-20W off on exit 22
  4. doodoo

    1970 Honda CB350 Front End (Ontario)

    no doubt! bout to pm you
  5. doodoo

    Project cb360(Lucky 7even) A video finally!

    Re: Project cb360(Lucky 7even) A few newer pics! when you enter this address on your browser, it should have a pic of this bike! stunning and classic cafe. i like how it still appears period correct. not throwing new rearsets on it and what-not; taking away from the old raw!
  6. doodoo

    cb500t hard tail racer

    I heart you
  7. doodoo

    1979 Moto Guzzi V50 II Cafe

    Re: MOTO GUZZI V50II Detailed Cafe Build Diary Wow! can't believe I missed this! Im usually all over Guzzis and BMWs! Awesome idea and build so far man!
  8. doodoo

    Pissed the Wife off this weekend

    Wow, I think me and you share a cosmic link! My wife was mad as hell and I did one at a time. 4 in total!!
  9. doodoo

    CB400T2... Off the Back Burner

    These damn red frames are becoming a/an epidemic!...
  10. doodoo

    '74 cb350f chop FOR SALE pg.12

    Re: poor man's 74 cb350f update: bratstyle build co0l. Got a a 350f myself and always hated that damn backbone cause you couldn't fit any cool tanks on it! looks like you pulled it off by cutting that tail piece off! haha good stuff man. hell, i got a 16" hoop, drum and new SS laces if ya want...
  11. doodoo

    Oh Lord (CB500) - The Leaky Bitch (p. 31)

    Re: Oh Lord... (CB500) - Cut on the frame 01/17/2011 thats not nice....
  12. doodoo


  13. doodoo

    Beat The Clock

    Re: Beat The tank 01-09-2011??? Im for the drags on that beauty... Gives a good triumph feel. But I guess the question is which ones will ur back like
  14. doodoo


    Sorry for hashing the dead, but I live in SC also. I went to a friend that lives in GA and got him to title bond it. If you know anyone in Savannah since your so close, get them to do it. SC doesn't do title bonds on cars, bikes, trailers, or anything like that
  15. doodoo

    cb500t hard tail racer

    wow! dope
  16. doodoo

    GS550 bike/harley ironhead parts/misc stuffs in South Carolina

    Alright, i have some stuff that has to leave my garage.. Baby here, means no mo0la for daddy... So, here goes 1985 Suzuki GS550 EF Sat at my dads for about a year. Needs TLC. Good for a tear down and build-up. Or just parts. No title but will give you a bill of sale if you'd like $150 for the...
  17. doodoo

    insight on WERA rules

    my concern was, that you have to pay before you get inspected. and if its illegal, you lose out on money. And my wife would shot me in the head....
  18. doodoo

    insight on WERA rules

    Yeah, I was looking at the v2 and f500 also Thanks for the site, ill check that out. just didnt wanna get on 13x and sound rataardad
  19. doodoo

    What a beautiful sound

  20. doodoo

    insight on WERA rules

    I am building a 350f to go into the vintage events for the WERA and I understand everything but what I can/can't do wiyth the engine. I'm thinking of entering the Formula 2 Up to 600cc 4-stroke air-cooled multis. My question is, is it whatever you can throw in the motor (stroker) to compete with...
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