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  1. mhasigadd

    CB450K6 Build - (1st Bike Build)

    you're an inspiration! my cb is currently in pieces and I'm at a loss. Keep it up! Can't wait to see where your bike is headed.
  2. mhasigadd

    Cliche cafe racer project...76 cb360

    Bar end mirrors, turn signals smoked [and rather cheapish] courtesy of DCC and black clubman bars from Amazon. Just got the Duro tires and tubes from DennisKirk today
  3. mhasigadd

    Cliche cafe racer project...76 cb360

    My mistake. The 2nd photo is a fit test of the clubman bars. Anyone know of ANY existing places that sell wiring harnesses for a cb360? I'm debating whether or not to take off the wiring harness and replicate it using OEM wires and connectors. I'm looking to you experienced wrenches of the...
  4. mhasigadd

    Cliche cafe racer project...76 cb360

    When I was 17 I bought a 72 CB450K for $200 from one of my grandfather's old riding buddies. It ran but had some issues that at the time [and probably even now] were beyond my ability to fix [with money and experience] and much to my current displeasure, I sold my first love to an uncle who then...
  5. mhasigadd

    Hello from the Dirty Jersey

    I see; i'll have to check it out
  6. mhasigadd

    '72 cb450

    +1 paint experiment. Nice job, keep the pics coming
  7. mhasigadd

    Hello from the Dirty Jersey

    Vernon huh? You involved in the Strange days or just a participant. I do love scenic mountains and motorcycles. Hopefully my bike'll be up and running by this summer.
  8. mhasigadd

    ** The official DTT REGIONAL COLOURS**

    made a New Jersey patch for any of us from the nation's most hated state.
  9. mhasigadd

    Hello from the Dirty Jersey

    Thanks craig! I'm open to meeting up and riding when the weather breaks and the bike is finished. I'm down in the Millville, Bridgeton Vineland area so I'd be game for riding north
  10. mhasigadd

    Father Son 75 CB200T Rise From the Ruins

    agreeed!!! Love the spirit of this build and the application. Keep it coming. You are an inspiration.
  11. mhasigadd

    Hello from the Dirty Jersey

    FNG from the deep south of New Jersey. Name's Jeff and I'm new to the forum, not as new to motorcycling [been riding for about 5 years], this is the first real project bike I've had which is a 76 CB360. I'm in the process of tearing it down, and as have many before me, I've been coasting off the...
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