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  1. Narb1989

    RD400 on Craigslist in Rochest, NY - $1600

    If anyone is in the market, or not.... haha I have 6 bikes already or else I'd get it.
  2. Narb1989

    Parting out a CB350F

    Are the forks in decent shape? I think that my springs are shot in my 350f forks... How much for just the L and R forks minus any of the ears and covers shipped to 31047?
  3. Narb1989

    GA Riders... you still out here?

    Yeah, I guess I should specify where I'm at, huh? I live in Warner Robins. I'll be TDY for half of August.. BUT!, I will try to make that meet in Suches, GA... wherever that is. Oh, and I found out today I will be TDY during Barber weekend. Shucks..
  4. Narb1989

    GA Riders... you still out here?

    Moved to Middle GA about a year ago. Being in the middle of the state reminds me of being a middle child growing up.. it sucks! I did a search for members in the area and most of the posts are from 2010-2012. Are you guys still out here? Active? Have a 1973 Norton Commando 850 that needs a...
  5. Narb1989

    CB400F First Build! College Kid's Cafe Project

    Hey man, fellow Mech here myself. Ive been building a 350f for my whole life it seems. I recently moved to Warner Robins. My bike isnt done but its still up in NY at my Dad's. I hope to bring it down here in October. Let me know if you need a hand with anything and ill drive up north. Bike is...
  6. Narb1989

    Dust monkey cafe xs 400

    I think it may look even better if you drilled the rear disk and painted the inner part gold to match the front. Whatta you say?
  7. Narb1989

    Moving to Biloxi - Need assistance

    Good news. I'm bringing my Dad's 1968 Triumph TR6C down with me. So, if you don't mind being seen riding around with British bikes, we should go for a cruise. I may take you up on the 750-4 offer as well. ;)
  8. Narb1989

    Moving to Biloxi - Need assistance

    For some reason that always happens when people try to reply to my PMs. Unfortunately, I have decided to wait until I figure out my duty station before bringing my bike along. It wont be registered or insured and the movers need that before they will move it. Instead of rushing to get those...
  9. Narb1989

    Electric Ninja 250 Cafe

    This is sweet. I'm stickin around
  10. Narb1989

    Moving to Biloxi - Need assistance

    Hey Redbird, sorry for the delay. My plan is to get my bike mechanically sound before heading south. Then, either have it painted, or barrow space to paint it myself. Some things that need to be done: - All Balls head stock bearings installed I figured it would be much easier to install these...
  11. Narb1989

    First Build; '75 CB360 (yes ANOTHER 360 build)

    Posting to read later. That garage/living room/man cave room is the tits. That is exactly how I picture my set up later down the road once I'm settled. nice work so far. Interested to see this build from a designer's perspective.
  12. Narb1989

    Moving to Biloxi - Need assistance

    Hey guys, Moving down to Biloxi in about 1.5 months. Who lives down in that area? Any good shops for working on old Hondas? I'm planning on bringing my 73 350F down with me in a 85% complete state. It will need some work to finish it up. Since I will have limited tools and virtually no shop...
  13. Narb1989

    Spokes Bending While Lacing

    I read some stuff about offset AFTER I pulled my wheel apart. Rookie mistake. Luckily my brother has a bone stock 350f that I can use for a reference. Also, I found this link to a 400f build that used a method to align the rear wheel for the offset...
  14. Narb1989

    Spokes Bending While Lacing

    Yes. As mentioned. I used the exact same rim as I removed old spokes from. I measure and compared old spokes to new as well. There is flex in the spokes but they pull from both sides aligning the rim in the center. Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk
  15. Narb1989

    Spokes Bending While Lacing

    Thanks for all the replies. Yes interceptor, you are correct. The 90 degree spokes are laced on the outside and less than 90 are on the inside. I have actually watched that video a habsfull of times before and followed some of the advice. Unfortunately there were no indentations to use as...
  16. Narb1989

    Spokes Bending While Lacing

    Hey guys, I have read many many articles, watched many YouTube videos, studied rim patterns, and took many pictures of my wheel before I took it apart, but putting it back together has risen some questions. Side Info: I checked the spoke lengths and angles and they are exactly the same as...
  17. Narb1989

    1977 CB550 Caferacer build

    Not sure if this will work for your particular bike and frame design, but I took the motor out of my 350f (by myself) by laying the bike on its side and unbolting everything. Then shimmy the motor out and lift the frame back up minus the motor. Reverse to put it back in.
  18. Narb1989

    J-Rod's 82 CB750- AKA Giselle

    Re: 1982 CB750K Monoshock, SSSA, USD Front, Bar Hopper. Amazing what the right tools and know how can turn out. Nicely done.
  19. Narb1989

    J-Rod's 82 CB750- AKA Giselle

    Re: 1982 CB750K Monoshock, SSSA, USD Front, Bar Hopper. Engineering. Yup. I like it.
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