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  1. NagChampa

    1972 CB 450 Build "The Gentleman"

    Nicely done, I hope to have a 450 some day.
  2. NagChampa

    Please stop posting "Cat Pictures"

    Spread your wings and fly, oh me oh my
  3. NagChampa

    First project- '75 CB550 beater in Orlando

    Does that rear wheel have a cush drive?
  4. NagChampa

    Overcoming Modern fork swap issues!

    Definitely would do it for the suspension upgrade, not just the brakes. I do not have a 'Machine Shop Guy' at the moment so I would like to keep the machine work to a minimum and not spend a ton of money on a front end that I may just end up replacing with what I originally wanted, and it is...
  5. NagChampa

    Overcoming Modern fork swap issues!

    Not sure what my target trail value is at the moment, probably close to stock. Have to take into account the taller CB900 shocks being used on the rear, also have to decide on wheel and tire size before I will be ready to do the math. Bike has to be safe before anything else comes in to play...
  6. NagChampa

    Overcoming Modern fork swap issues!

    Anybody have any real world experience with increased offset triple clamps? I am not aware of anyone building a bike with these. Thinking about going this route if I do a USD fork swap with 18 or 19 wheel. Unfortunately they are also costly so any insight on the topic is appreciated.
  7. NagChampa

    Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' - Done'ishh

    two things. 1. It's gorgeous! 2. Do you have a side profile shot?
  8. NagChampa

    CB750F3 Project: Burning Spear

    Have not done much with this project over the last year because of other expensive home repair priorities and school. Got a deal on a welder at my local supplier so I got some welding done. Made up some shock mounts, did not want to cut the stock mounts. Welded up shock mounts and loop that...
  9. NagChampa

    CB750 Back from Barber, back to work.

    Whoa! Nice!
  10. NagChampa

    Opinions: best inline 4 project cafe bike?

    One important thing is parts availability. Can you find a spare engine for a reasonable price? Are many parts available for your project?
  11. NagChampa

    Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' - Done'ishh

    Re: Sandrew's CB900 'phantom' Doing a great job Sandrew, that seat is perfect!
  12. NagChampa

    CB750 F3, With A Touch of Madness

    I really could not say how much it would cost, have not started the head rebuild yet. Don't be afraid to shop around but make sure the shop is a good one.
  13. NagChampa

    CB750 F3, With A Touch of Madness

    Dynoman, Cycle X, APE will have what you are looking for. Probably best to leave the removal and installation up to an expert unless you have access to the proper equipment needed for the job. Most places will bead blast the ports before removing the old guides and there can be some fine tuning...
  14. NagChampa

    Sporty Cafe Build

    This is the first time I have seen a Honda tank replace a Sportster tank. Good luck with this project, there are some fine looking sportster cafe bikes. Hide Motorcycle from Japan has a really nice example.
  15. NagChampa

    CB750F3 Project: Burning Spear

    Have not had much time to work on this, when I do have time, there is no money. Either way, I still enjoy my time spinning wrenches at my own pace. Sometimes the garage is the only place where my opinion matters, it is the place I plan for battle, as well as the place to lick my wounds and...
  16. NagChampa

    TR1-R racer by SCHLACHTWERK

    What tires are you running?
  17. NagChampa

    1977 Honda CB750 F2 brat: Finished?!

    Great choice of paint color, nice job all around!
  18. NagChampa

    1977 Honda CB750 F2 brat: Finished?!

    Nice work, looking quite awesome. You have to let us know how it rides!
  19. NagChampa

    Custom Seat Cover

    You will not be able to just wrap it with one piece of leather and expect it to be smooth. You will need to make panels to match the sides, as well as a top panel. Sew them together and your cover will wrap nicely. Most upholstery guys and gals can do this with eyes closed.
  20. NagChampa

    CB750F3 Project: Burning Spear

    Tore the engine down to an empty case, was less scary than I thought it would be. Only thing left is to remove the countershaft bearing. The cases will likely be powdercoated after being cleaned. Upper Case Bolts Lower Case Bolts
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