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  1. ridesolo

    "A Bird in the Hand" take 2. DR650 Deadtail Bobber, now with a sidecar

    Nice job, looks great! Ha ha, your shop almost looks scary w/o the '49 p/u on there! Would ya look at all that room! No, wait, that's the garage... :D
  2. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    Well, it's been a bit of time. I've been dealing w/ the phantom electrical issue that kept things stalled. Putting the long story into a much much shorter format it was determined that I needed a new headlight relay, specifically a SPDT 30, 85, 86, 87, & 87b. I'll admit to not knowing much...
  3. ridesolo

    1972 Honda CL450 Scrambler Refurb

    Looking great.
  4. ridesolo

    1980 CB750 “Beavertail” Cafe Build

    Still interested. Nice project and excellent organized reporting. Great job.
  5. ridesolo

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Nice score. When I was I kid my dad use to take me to hill climes. There were always the big power & big noise guys who tried to speed their way up the hill, but I was always amazed at the number of guys who "chug, chug, chuged" their way, clear to the top, on Trail 90s and 125s Tough little...
  6. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    BMW part$, holy cow. I started looking for a replacement headlight relay and found them in several different places priced from $35 to $99. One of the guys from the Vintage BMW group sent a message saying that he gets his at the link in his message. Amazon, 2 for $9.99. Yeah, ordered...
  7. ridesolo

    1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"

    Wow, nice! That's gunna be the nicest '49 Effie out there... not cuz it's fancy, but cuz it's real.
  8. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    No posts for a while and now no pix, but I've been spending time and have made some progress. I had an operating brake light from the rear brake peddle but not the front lever. Replaced the switch on the MC, which I should have done as part of the rebuild, and that's working as it should be...
  9. ridesolo

    Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2024

    Gunna try... will see if I've got something to ride by then.
  10. ridesolo

    cb350 to cafe' from scratch by a teen

    Best wishes to you and your countrymen. I'm hoping things can go your way and that some kind of lasting peace and security can come to your homeland.
  11. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    Yeah, it sux, but at least, as they say, all's well that ends well. Though I'm not into luck, superstition, or omens, I did go and buy a lottery ticket earlier today. Now they just have to draw the right numbers. Since there was no real damage it did work out ok for me. I was able to put the...
  12. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    The wires are pulled into place and I'm ready to hook everything up and put the tail light in. Still have to re-do the pannier wiring on the left side. All this has to get stuffed in there w/ some kind of order and coherence, I decided to save that for tomorrow... because: For those of...
  13. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    I just keep beating away at it... These are the little pigtails for the tail light end of the tail/brake and turn sets in the Wixom bags. Though I plan to leave the bags on all/most of the time it's pretty obvious that they'll need to be easily disconnected when necessary. I'm sure somebody...
  14. ridesolo

    '75 GL1000 - "Pete"

    Best of luck w/ everything. I can really identify w/ all that; I've got another cornea transplant needed sometime, a shoulder replacement that I keep putting off, probable vascular bypass surgeries behind the knees, and dental surgery that I'm just trying to ignore. Think I'll tell 'em to jack...
  15. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    I hear ya. When it comes to wiring, though I sorta believe in the Law of Mr Murphy. It's only going to give out at the worst possible time; either when it's raining and dark or when you are proudly showing off your finally finished pride and joy to friends, etc. I figure that I've got the...
  16. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    Connections soldered, heat shrink wrapped, then finished in cable wrap. Then installed: Everything tested and working. Now back to the other side and do it right.
  17. ridesolo

    1975 BMW R90/6 - Rocinante

    NOTE TO SELF: When you tell yourself to do it right the first time: solder and heat shrink the wiring on the airhead, listen to yourself and just to it. Don't talk yourself into to using crimp connections. Got it dumb ass??? OK, now that I'm done w/ the chastisement... I've been working on...
  18. ridesolo

    DR650 Cafe. Scratch Built Amelioration

    Watching and will ride along.
  19. ridesolo

    1976 Honda MR175 21st Century Refresh

    I suppose the thing rarely is standing still at idle and probably never in traffic and sitting at stop lights. Bottom line is that it's a great little bike and the snail pipe adds to the cool factor exponentially.
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