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  1. Joksa


    A Finnish Lito Metisse replica
  2. Joksa

    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Here's so called daily ride (whish I had time to ride daily). Kawasaki ER-6n '06
  3. Joksa

    royal enfield v twin

    First start Maailman nopein Royal-Enfield.mpg
  4. Joksa

    royal enfield v twin

    Speaking of a twin enfield. Here is a 1930 K-model from Finland. It has a homemade 4-valve conversion and 1140ccm. Builders goal is to create "world's fastest Royal"
  5. Joksa

    Anyone own a Jawa?

    Not mine, but I really like this one
  6. Joksa

    DUCATI Race Car
  7. Joksa

    DUCATI Race Car
  8. Joksa

    DUCATI Race Car Could it be a formula tecno K, with upgraded (twin) engine?
  9. Joksa

    Modern alternatives to CB550 brake I would try a master cylinder which is as small as possible without running out of travel. I am using a 14mm with dual disc setup and that is almost too small but the feel is quite good. For single disc 12mm seems to be quite safe choice, but I...
  10. Joksa

    How to mount cafe seat?
  11. Joksa


    Re: WTF...? I am wearing this under my fake bullet vest:
  12. Joksa

    Steel Toe or not to Steel Toe?

    But these won't fit into my boots
  13. Joksa

    Steel Toe or not to Steel Toe?

    Re: Re: Steel Toe or not to Steel Toe? ?
  14. Joksa

    resurrecting a Honda XBR 500

    Hyvältä näyttää - looking good!
  15. Joksa


    "Rammstein - Bück Dich [Live @ USA] Family Values Tour 1998"
  16. Joksa

    How many bikes can you fit/want in your garage?

    I hope you have good ventilation
  17. Joksa


    Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll keep it, since I have lately trying to make my mind on the seat I would like have for my CB 500/4. I guess that is solved for now :) Thanks to Dracken!
  18. Joksa


    looks like a Lito Motocross: But it might be a Monark also:
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