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  1. notlob

    CB750 Brat bobber Imitation, CRD Inspired

    To be honest, I got lucky. Bought a good set of carbs of a 93 GSXR750 German spec bike. all i needed to change was to drill out the air pilot jet to 0.5mm. You may need to completely rejet with US spec carbs. Steve
  2. notlob

    CB750 Brat bobber Imitation, CRD Inspired

    Rims are Stock for a european spec bike.
  3. notlob

    What did you do today instead of working on your bike project?

    Im in the electronics district of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen China.Actual been here two months so done no wrenching at all and only seen one bike over 150cc since I've been here. Withdrawl symptoms are kicking in.
  4. notlob

    Where in the UK are you ?

    Hello to all you new guys, not been on here for a while as I'm in China and only seen one bike over 150cc in the last 2 months. I have severe withdrawl symptoms.
  5. notlob

    79 cb750 carb floats on a 80

    They wont work, you will never get the float height correct. They are designed to fit a canted forward motor with the airbox above. You need Pre 96 ish GSXR750 carbs.
  6. notlob

    Oh My Pod

    You will more than likely have to go up a couple sizes on the pilot / slow running jet as well as the Main jet and adjust the air screw to suit. Put the jet in that runs good at WOT and then re jet the pilot jet to get idle / low throttle opening running correctly. Then you you can play with the...
  7. notlob

    Pro Builders Running Stock Carbs With Pods - Opinions?

    Agreed but the intention of the modification is too make the carbs work without the stock airbox which is required to enable the cvs in stock form to operate correctly. Stacks or pods each have their ownair flow rather than from a single source airbox. I believe it just blanks of the secondary...
  8. notlob

    Pro Builders Running Stock Carbs With Pods - Opinions?

    Not necessarily so. In the last last year or so the Honda RSC tuning manual for the 750/900 DOHC has come back to light in the manual on page eight it tells you what to do to internally to modify the carbs to run with velocity stacks and advise on jetting. This is what honda needed to do to...
  9. notlob

    79 cb750 carb floats on a 80

    Also check to see the float actually floats, has no holes in it or filled up with fuel. I'm petty certain the carbs are the same VB52, Floats and valves are different part numbers though, so if you replace for an adjustable float I would change all four and the valves as well. Or get another...
  10. notlob

    Borrowed rant

    Would love to be able to write like that. I have the thoughts but my finger typing cant keep up and when I back track the thoughts I had have floated away in the ether, ending up in a muddled mess words.
  11. notlob

    Can't remember the name of this bike...

    Low COG wold help but no way can you move around on the bike and distribute your weight and all that weight on your arse with no way to relieve the pressure would be uncomfortable after few miles.
  12. notlob

    Bike Art shortlisted for Artist of the Year, please vote!

    Voting done. Must says that looks like a photo rather than a painting, suppose thats a compliment.
  13. notlob

    Bad Points, a comic

    Re: Bad Points Forget bike of the month, This should be the header at the top of the page.
  14. notlob

    Good Kharma

    Shame the bike suffered a few scratches. I'm sure the rider is satisfied with the outcome.
  15. notlob

    Brainstorming New Business Model - Cycle Garage Co-op/Hackerspace

    Theres a couple of outfits similar to your coop hackerspace in London, More of a rent by the hour or day type of thing where they provided all the equipment and some expertise and you just ride your bike in a and fix it. Thought of doing something similar where I am but I dont believe there is...
  16. notlob

    1972 Jawa 250 Californian - Rust Machine

    I love the shape and style of than engine cover. Nice shape and simple yet stylish detail.
  17. notlob

    What's going on now over at Ichiban Moto ?

    Re: Ichiban Moto : Yamaha 500 cafe racer build Really enjoying these videos. 150 psi should be more than adequate for some sand blasting. Replacing the airbox with a tool box should increase the airflow into the carbs for more power. Keep the updates coming
  18. notlob

    CB750 Tsuma

    I agree its always better to be able to do it yourself rather than sending out to be done by others. Those top clamps look nice.
  19. notlob

    Putting CB750K tank on my '80 Custom?

    This may help you decide but I'm pretty sure the frame around the thge engine on a 750 custom is the same as a K, so it should fit. With the front rubber mounts fitted to the tank, the measurement from their center to the center of the rear tank mount is K = 56cm F = 62cm Width at front mount...
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