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    Who is Still "Sky Teaming" It

    Glad to see to your still going Stroker, even if the Ace is needing a bit of TLC. I've been reading these forums for years and never got round to posting myself. Now it seems there's not many of us left. All the best.
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    The SkyTeam 'Ace' Resource

    Hiya, sorry about posting to this old thread, but this is a great thread and I believe it's still relevant to many people even now. I'm actually following up on orrible-64s post #2342, check your rear wheel bearings. How do you do this........ We'll this is how I did it. Firstly wheels should go...
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    Who is Still "Sky Teaming" It

    Just dusting off the Ace for another summer, changed out the rear bearings and cush drives and all ready for the MOT. Fingers crossed for a summer of sun ( not realistic, I live in Scotland). Anyone else still riding these wee beauties?
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    Skyteam 2024. Still going

    Hiya, another year, another MOT and another summer tootling about on the Skyteam Ace. Does anyone else still ride these or am I the last of a dying bread? MOT required new rear wheel bearings and new cush drives. Not an easy job either of them. If anyone is still here I could go through the...
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