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  1. rattpunk

    1982 CM450C - San Rafael CA - Damaged, quick sale

    Nah, thanks for the offer though. Moving on to the next bike. Had my times with that one but I've gotten through most of the grieving process already.
  2. rattpunk

    1982 CM450C - San Rafael CA - Damaged, quick sale

    Hey guys. So I recently found out first hand the real, tangible safety benefit of lane splitting out here in San Francisco traffic. At least, now I'm a believer. Without getting into debates, discussion or whatever regarding riding... I'm here to hand off a donor bike. The short version of...
  3. rattpunk

    Jared's 1982 CM450C Cafe Project

    Yeah, think mine will be going to scrap. Hit the back of a van in SF. Front forks, headlamp, clipons, and other little bits are trashed, but rear frame damage is the nail in the coffin. Coule cut and weld, but have nowhere to work on it and no welding equipment... The one day I decide to ease...
  4. rattpunk

    81' Honda CX500 - first build second life

    Loving this. Keep it up dude. I'm starting to look for a cx500 to replace my current bike, so really appreciate the great shots of the work you're doing.
  5. rattpunk

    1981 CM400c Build

    I always like seeing where cm builds go.
  6. rattpunk

    Jared's 1982 CM450C Cafe Project

    It's been a while since I've dropped by this place, but glad I did. Shit you guys do is fucking cool and always such an inspiration. How's this going anyway? Ended up here, looking into fork replacement for my 82 cm450c, btw.
  7. rattpunk

    KZ400 full fairing frankenracer

    I can dig it.
  8. rattpunk

    Cb450 modern Brat build

    I love simple fixes like that. Nice looking carbs btw. Good luck with the lessons. I still need to pick up a good book on Mikunis.
  9. rattpunk

    San Francisco people??

    Sup folks. Just moved out to the Bay Area from Boston. May see some of you out there. I'll be commuting on the bike a few days out of the week San Rafael to South San Francisco. -Tyler
  10. rattpunk

    How about random ride shots?

    Rode my bike down to King Richard's Faire a little while ago and had my brother pose :) Finally got a chance to check out the kancamagus highway and stopped off in Laconia on the way
  11. rattpunk

    Just curious..

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll try to make it down.
  12. rattpunk

    Just curious..

    Sup guys. Just droppin in to say hey. Well, I'm in the Newton, MA area and back on the road again so I might be seeing some of you. If all goes well I'll be riding out to Rice-o-rama.
  13. rattpunk

    cm450 more of a project than a build

    Well, I didn't realize that all the images had been removed. Must have rearranged my photobucket account... Yeah, dude I just got my bike fully sorted out. We should meet up some weekend. You can PM me or just email me rattpunk at gmail dot com
  14. rattpunk

    Project Trinda

    Dude, that came out sick. Congrats on finishing school and the bike.
  15. rattpunk

    Project Trinda

    Holy hell dude! That thing is fucking sweet! Just had a minute to drop by again, and look at what I've missed. Mondo props on the bike.
  16. rattpunk

    cm450 more of a project than a build

    So, had to do a little storm prep :) Have a hurricane but no garage? Tarp and a rope. See ya in the spring guys. Tyler
  17. rattpunk

    Kiley's Garage

    I'm torn. I prefer the colors in the blue logo, but the black and yellow is nice and solid, understated but bold at the same time. If you can do both color schemes... ;)
  18. rattpunk

    Honda CB450N nitreous turbo

    First time I've seen this bike, damnit... here goes another day of work spent reading up on some sick build. You have a thread up on your last trip to the flats?
  19. rattpunk

    Sin City 400-CR *FINISHED PICS!!!!!!! VIDEO *****PAGE 9

    Re: Sin City CM400 Cafe Racer Sup dude, I like where this is going. subscribed.
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