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  1. Cafe-XV750

    '82 cafe XV750

    '18 batch sold out and my machinist surprised me by using up left-over raw stock to make a '19 batch … appears to have reached market saturation because has been SLOW selling. Calling it … last batch. Have plenty (for now) so reach me by PM or email (best) if interested. In this project news...
  2. Cafe-XV750

    XR185 part out

    Any pics of the forks and shocks?
  3. Cafe-XV750

    '72 cafe T500

    FINALLY - Movement after almost 9 years! My now 17yo son (Lochlanndd on here ... hasn't posted yet so encourage him ;)) has taken interest in this bike - has a personal goal to get it 'ready' this year. When he's not working for $, he's cleaning, painting and wrenching ... with guidance from...
  4. Cafe-XV750

    '82 cafe XV750

    Took awhile to gather interest, but had enough in '17 to make another batch of front-to-rear kits - now shipping. If you want one, PM or email me ( Not sure if there will be a '18 batch ...
  5. Cafe-XV750

    What's your trade?

    Automotive engineer 20+ yrs - design & development of gas engines mostly but have spent some time with structural chassis, suspension and interior components.
  6. Cafe-XV750

    1975 T500 Build

  7. Cafe-XV750

    Pw50 Christmas or bust

    I've had both my boys (now 11 & 13) riding around on a PW80 since they were age ~8. Added X-tender to it at age ~10 and will get enough use out of it til at least age ~12. Plenty fast - even with me messing around it. Oldest now rides a CRF100 and it's definitely slower.
  8. Cafe-XV750

    Let's see your t500's

    Mine still sitting like this :( Love your inspiration - need to make time and find $
  9. Cafe-XV750

    '82 cafe XV750

    Project stalled with other things going on, but I still make and sell conversion kits. PM or email me at
  10. Cafe-XV750

    T500 "give me danger"

    In for build tips ...
  11. Cafe-XV750

    Ypsilanti Bike night in Depot Town - 2014

    Every Tues 6-9pm in Ypsi Depot Town. From the times I've gone, turnout has been light.
  12. Cafe-XV750

    The Bad Idea - VF750F Interceptor restoration

    I did a Galfer hydraulic line upgrade (brake & clutch) on my '85 GPz and it was $ well spent - never trust +20yo hydraulic lines. I've been looking for you at Depot Town Tues nights - turnout has been really light though. Sounds like you might be ready to make your appearance!
  13. Cafe-XV750

    just something i wanted to share

    Good on ya! Same kinda situation in my 'hood with my boys and I'd do the same thing for their friends too.
  14. Cafe-XV750

    Business casual- What's your gear for the ride to the office

    I have a pair of the Sliders 4.0 kevlar lined jeans ... really baggy and heavy. Prefer the fit and weight of the Duluth firehose jeans.
  15. Cafe-XV750

    Ypsilanti Bike night in Depot Town - 2014

    I was there early this past Tues.
  16. Cafe-XV750

    Business casual- What's your gear for the ride to the office

    Duluth firehose khaki or black jeans. Icon Superduty black riding boots. Dress or polo shirt under leather jacket (<55F morning) or textile/armor jacket.
  17. Cafe-XV750

    GL 1000 sport wing No Time, No Dime

    Very nice bike & build. I think one will end up in my garage someday ...
  18. Cafe-XV750

    Ypsilanti Bike night in Depot Town - 2013

    Officially started last week. I checked it out and there was a handful. Didn't get there this week to see what the turnout was, but the weather was nice so probably decent.
  19. Cafe-XV750

    The Bad Idea - VF750F Interceptor restoration

    My ZX900 ready to go! Woke her up this past Sun. Hope to see these Interceptors soon ... perhaps Depot Town Tues bike nights.
  20. Cafe-XV750

    Suzuki Titan reborn....

    Inspirational :)
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