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    1975 Honda CB360

    1975 Honda CB360 Located in Toronto, asking $3000 obo. -11,000 miles on the odometer -Great condition! Start, runs and drives. -Repainted tank, new side covers -Reupholstered seat -Upgraded voltage regulator and new gel battery -Charlie’s Place electronic ignition system -Rebuilt...
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    1st gen Suzuki SV650 Targa Fairing

    You're right!
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    1st gen Suzuki SV650 Targa Fairing

    Hanging out in the trunk of my car!
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    1st gen Suzuki SV650 Targa Fairing

    Bought this for my GS500 but decided to go a different route. Great condition and includes all mounting hardware and is painted a burgundy/red colour (looks to be an OEM colour). Pictures are not of the actual unit but from the internet so you can see what it looks like mounted (right colour...
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    Tank restoration in Toronto on a badly rusted tank

    That's a CB360 tank. I've got one sitting my parent's shed in Scarborough somebody can have for a 12-pack (of good beer).
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    gta tattoo artist wanted

    Heard good things about this guy and Pearl Harbour Gift Shop in Kensington.
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    Tech Night at Town Moto / Feb. 28, 2013

    I should really come to one of these events. I've got no excuse living about a four minute walk away...
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    HELP! Volkswagen people......or just car people in general!

    Water behind the diverter valve huh? I'm in no way an expert on VW's turbo engines but that doesn't sound good. You don't want that much water dumping into the engine... Any rips in the valve? Intercooler in okay shape? Any codes/CEL?
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    The Volkswagen Thread

    Here's a few pictures of my Scirocco these days. Spent most of the summer stripping it down, doing bodywork and it got resprayed this fall. Brand new custom made headliner is installed and hopefully should be back together and running for Cincy next summer. And my boring daily. 2000 Golf...
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    After getting asked a few times, I've checked shipping prices. FedEx was the cheapest st about $100 to Georgia (I imagine it wouldn't be too different elsewhere in the states). Canada Post/USPS's quote was over $400 online. I puked when I saw it.
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    Mods n Rockers Toronto This August

    I'm confused. The website says its at the Duke, but gives the address for the Dominion!
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    What sunglasses do you guys wear while driving your cafe racer?

    Uhhhh... prescription and polarized.
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    I'd prefer not to ship, but let me see if I can get a quote for you.
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    I still have this!
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    Thanks! (bumping myself)
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    Sorry, I believe CB350 and CB360 exhaust outlets are differently spaced and sized.
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    FS: Honda CB360 2-1 Exhaust

    Not sure of the brand, but fits decently well after you fab up a little hanger for before the muffler. I bought it a few years ago and wrapped it in 1" wrap and ran them for a few months while my bike was running pretty awfully (thus the black near the exhaust ports of the engine). Since then...
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