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  1. pjdave

    GN125 china tracker

    Sweet little build!
  2. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Hey, The header pipe is a FMF powerbomb built for a DRZ and the Exhaust can is a TYGA. I had to make an internal baffle as it was offensively loud.
  3. pjdave

    pjdave's Sr400

    Had a garage clean up and got all my "7's" together for a group shot
  4. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

  5. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Tank is a modified Yamaha SR 400/500. The petcock has been moved forward. Remember to do this conversion the radiators will have to be changed out as well.
  6. pjdave

    CBX550-Brat/urban scrambler on a budget

    looking good
  7. pjdave

    pjdave's Sr400

    What's the specs on the Yamaha on the right? Looks killer. The Yamaha on the right is actually a Suzuki and is currently the bike of the month. did you make those side covers? Nah I got them from omega racer and modified them...
  8. pjdave

    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    Its a dirty old SR 250, you can pick up a complete one for under a grand, not worth the money shipping. Sell it on the Melbourne cafe racers page on facebook, someone should be keen to find a frame with the loop already done and a bennelli tank.
  9. pjdave

    pjdave's Sr400

  10. pjdave

    pjdave's Sr400

    Went through this old thread and just realized that I never put up a finished pic of the bike. Not sure why, life must have got busy? Anyway here she is.
  11. pjdave

    November 2015 BOTM Voting

    So close. Cheers Guys
  12. pjdave

    November 2015 BOTM Nominations

    Cheers for the nomination. I accept
  13. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

  14. pjdave

    Honda NX650 Dominator tracker

    Looks great
  15. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Cheers guys, Not sure how BOTM works?
  16. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Photoshoot from last week for Throttleroll was hell load of fun, check it out at
  17. pjdave

    Honda XR650L "El Conquistador"

    Any progress? Loving the style of this build. pj
  18. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    I thought the front fender would touch the radiator first but it has a small mark from where it has hit the triple, I noticed this after doing some wheelies. The rear fender just touches under full compression. The suspension is stock at the moment
  19. pjdave

    Pjdaves DRZ 400 scrambler

    Went out for a Braap in the forrest, couldn't resist throwing up a pic.
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