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    This is a "StreetFighter"

    No one needs lights with that
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    Cafe racers I've built

    Man i want to get an old Norton
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    Seat Fabric Question

    I don't know about the seat, but I do know that Burton use to make plad jackets that would hold up. I could see that holding up to the wear and the sun. They also made some Jean style snowboard pants that would make good seats
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    how to - upholstery

    Yeah, I wana see hoe you finishes it. Good how to though
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    How Gearheads Teach Their Childern the Alphabet

    Do bad I can't write in those fonts.
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    1976 CB 550 - new to me

    I was looking at getting a 550 for awhile. Very cool looking bikes
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    A quick trip!

    What size motor is that thing got?
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    not sure what to think about this thing

    Someone paid 850 for that.
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    Blacking out engine with flat black high temp paint (rattle can)?

    That bike looks pretty good. I was wondering the same thing about the rattle can.
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    My first try at a seat. What do you think?

    Looks great, I wan see it when the bikes done
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    xs 1100 cafe racer

    You can always buy the seat from dime city. I've been looking for a bike to build, and after looking at how much labor is needed for the seat I figured I'd just buy it. But now I'm starting to wonder how well they fit
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    Care to share a little inspiration?

    That is a cool bike
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    New here from PA

    Its pretty cool how many people from pa are in here. Did you hit up bike week in Carlisle?
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    Why you should wear real footwear on a bike (graphic)

    Darwin will sort them out. I'll keep wearing my boots and leather.
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    hello from carlisle PA

    How are you guys doing? I'm just now getting into bikes and I'm now looking for my first bike and project. Hoping to get this 76 Honda 550k I was looking at and doing some small mods to cafe it, seat, handlebars, lights and the other small stuff. Got on here for the deals and all the help that...
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    The XS, and the Sidecar of Death

    Very cool
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    DOT Turn signals

    Yeah, I have an old vette that has antique plates on it and I drive it anywhere, when it works. I know they say you can't drive it after dark, but most cops don't know that and don't care. They don't check your mileage and with the insurance I have I'm not limited to a set limit.
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    new rims\wheels for 77' CB550

    I'm pretty sure dimecity has some on their site, and with 100 posts you get a discount. As far as places in Canada, not to sure. I'm sure there are a few places online you could ship your wheels out to if you can't find a place locally.
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    painting with a sharpie

    Pretty cool stuff
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    Who has a Wrangler?

    I got an 87 yj. I need to get rid of the damn thing. I'm actually using the money from the jeep for my first bike
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