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    the Black Knight, a 400four tale.

    Re: Re: A $450, 400 four - parts is parts. Nice bike, get your carbs sorted, I'm happy to help.
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    1974 Honda CB750 Cafe Build

    Sorry guys, still in my garage, I have it on hold, work and life get in the way. Riding my other bikes as much as possible.
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    '75 CB400F revival

    Beautiful work, beautiful bike, enjoy!
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    3 Moto Guzzis for sale

    All sold, thanks.
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    3 Moto Guzzis for sale

    DTT, I am selling three loop frame Moto Guzzis. Two are project parts basket case bikes and a third titled and nearly complete. Take a look on CL:
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    August 2016 BOTM Nominations

    Thank you Maritime and Goldy for the nomination, what a nice surprise, I accept ! I built this bike for myself, to keep for life. She has 350 break-in miles and is purring. Here are few more before and after pics:
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    225 miles and all is good, almost. My bike starts, runs, and rides beautifully. Had a group ride this weekend with old friends, we bombed the back roads, and my bike ran perfectly. The only issue so far is that the odometer stopped working but the trip odometer is still recording mileage. The UK...
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    1976 CB550F "Barn Find"

    Looking good! Dyna ignition is worth money and makes the bike more responsive.
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    1971 Suzuki T500 cafe racer build....

    Very, very nice. Great work ! If only I had a vapor blaster at work...
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    3DogNate's 1969 Triumph Bonneville T120R Resoration

    Careful, vapor blasting is addictive.
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Awww, thanks guys... I hit my first 50 miles last night with no issues other than a blown fuse. I had a 15 amp fuse when the books say 30 amp fuse. I plan to change the oil, rinse the oil tank, check the tappet clearances, retorque bolts, etc tomorrow. She is running really well, the gearbox...
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Thanks guys, after messing around with used Amal carbs with unknown histories on several bike projects, I simply bite the bullet and buy new ones, they are much better than they were made originally. She’s alive!!!! Fired her up for the first time two nights ago and rode her for the first...
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    GP, these are the connectors which came with my Boyer ignition. The rest of my wiring harness I soldered Lucas bullet connectors.
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Thanks Bootsey. I am getting closer! I set the tappets, installed and timed the Boyer ignition and installed new bulbs for the idiot lights. She has spark. Tomorrow I should be able to finish wiring, clean the tank, add fluids and fire her up.
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Thanks guys, she is looking good. So close... I spent a quiet day in the shop last week and most of yesterday working on my Bonnie. Cleaned and installed the oil tank, polished and install the gearbox cover, cables, chain, chain guard (what a PITA), battery, exhaust system, foot pegs, inspected...
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Slow and steady indeed, life tends to get in the way of motorcycle projects sometimes, but I have made some more progress. Skip finished my cylinder head with new valve seats, guides, springs, valves and Time Serts for spark plug holes and rocker covers. It is beautiful with perfect machining...
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    Slow and steady...
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    1966 Triumph Bonneville restoration

    More clockwise. Skip removing the old valve seats. In with the new!
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    1953 BSA BB32 Goldstar (video added)

    Music to my ears! Thanks for sharing.
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    1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (1000 miles and more)

    I love my Pearson clutch, nearly 6000 miles, no issues. Make sure you have a tiny bit of play in the cable before the clutch starts to activate. I opted not to use original clip ons with welded perches because I like to fine tune the control lever positions to best suit my comfort and riding...
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