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    Wanting to trade a CX500 Deluxe gas tank

    Willing to trade my CX500 Deluxe gas tank for a GL500/650 tank. Not for sale. Thanks
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    WTB GL500/650 Silverwing Parts

    Hello, I'm looking for the following factory parts for a GL500/650 Silverwing. Thanks -Gas tank -Left rider foot peg and mount -Left side cover
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    Deacon's CB350

    Check your PMs 8)
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    '77 CB550k Part Out

    Hello, I'm looking for the four rubber manifolds that are mounted on the airbox and joint to the carbs. Thanks in advance Mossy
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    Seized engine mounting bolt - How do i get it out!?

    I have another idea for you. Take a hack saw and cut the engine casing across the full length of the bolt. This will releave the grip the case has on the bolt and it will allow you to get a lubricant to the entire seized area. When the bolt is removed get the cut welded. Just remember not to...
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    78 CB750 CAFE Resto-Mod Build

    Thanks semmins :)
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    78 CB750 CAFE Resto-Mod Build

    "I want a tank like yours !" ...couldn't find a CB550 with another like that style. Any idea what it could be from ? Thanks
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    Cutting up the frame

    You're an idoit...... >:(
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    Cutting up the frame

    Good to see I rattled a few cages.... Thanks for not jumping all over me. 8) I just feel like all the good old stuff I grew up with, is going away. :'(
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    Cutting up the frame

    I'd like to start off and say, I love the Café Racer scene. The projects you guys are building are great...... but one thing. Why does everyone cut off the rear of the frame and all the little tabs. I know, the short frame looks cool, but you just ruin a motorcycle from being anything else but...
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    XS750 Cafe Racer

    Very nice work...... I dig it ! 8)
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    '77 CB550 The "Sake Bomber"

    Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project. Be very carefully with that Harley headlight.... If it leaks any oil on your front tire, you could be in big trouble. ;D
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    '77 CB550 The "Sake Bomber"

    Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project. Thanks for the reply brother..... Keep me posted. Merry Christmas !
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    '77 CB550 The "Sake Bomber"

    Re: '77 CB550 Winter Project. Looking good. 8) If your not going to need that old spoke front rim.... I'm intrested.
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    xs750 Triple Cafe with a modern touch! (The Tri-Force)

    Gas tank vent is blocked my friend. 8) You shouldn't hear any air movement when you open the tank. Take the cap apart and clean it up, you shouldn't have to replace it. Cheers Mossy
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    xs750 Triple Cafe with a modern touch! (The Tri-Force)

    Nice project ! I always liked a three cylinder bike. As for your running problem... Check your gas stopper to make sure its venting. Hope this helps ! Cheers 8)
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    RIP Marco Simoncelli.

    Sad day indeed........ RIP Marco
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    cb750 - $2k custom

    Great details....... Keep us updated. :)
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    89 BMW R80RT. Rotter to Racer!

    I think the red seat cowl flows nicely with the gas tanks lines. My 2cents.
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    A question for the guys in relationships

    I've been happily married for 15 years and with her a total of 20 and I always respect her feelings, and she always repects mine. So that being said.... How would she feel if you were going to take a girl she hardly knows for a ride? PS Dogs comments are from a single man I figure.
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