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    Welcome, Välkommen, Velkommen, Tervetuloa, Velkomin - To The Nordic Section.

    hei! eg er ash og bor paa stord i norge. im a mechanic at the local motorbike shop. we are selling many many old parts from our store room, get in toch if you need and bits from 70/80s bikes also fairings and such. (its really queit this time of year)
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    hei from Norway

    im not good with computers so not really sure how to edit, also how do i post pics up? i attached the link but then its not posting if that makes sense? im all for constructive critisism, i really dont mind if you guys bite my head off over my mistakes .everyone is very creative here, even if it...
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    hei from Norway

    yadada blah.... im english living in norway, i own a gt125 (1980, also known as an rg125) its a cafe but more of a rat, its scruffy noisey and rusty, but mechanically sound, recent big end bearings and seals, lots of porting work. currently its in storage (i hope!) in the uk untill i get it over...
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