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    1973 Yamaha RD350 TZ rep

    Up for sale is my 1973 Yamaha RD350. This was a complete new build with no corners cut. Below is a list of highlights for the bike. It is located in PA zip code 18013. $7,500. I don’t check in here much, you can contact me at, jeff abby isaac @ yahoo . com (take the spaces out). Stage 1...
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    Dunstall lowline tank

    Up for sale is a new Dunstall lowline tank made by legendary. Never had gas in it and in as delivered condition. $250 shipped in the lower 48. Best way to contact me is at jeffabbyisaac @ ( take the spaces out of the email).
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    Airtech seat for Yamaha td3 tz350

    Up for sale is an Airtech td3/tz350 seat. It is airtech model td21. It is in as delivered condition from airtech, sat on a bike frame but never used and no holes. $75 shipped in the lower 48. Best to contact me at jeffabbisaac @ (take the spaces out of email address)
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    Yamaha RD400 lot

    Sorry for the delay, I will try and get his direct email for both of you. The bikes are in Minnesota, not sure where.
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    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Re: My Suzi T500 Project (The Build Up Begins!) I followed your tank build in the other thread with great interest, I never realized there was a bike build to go with it. Great job on everything. I have a question on your pipes though. What did you do for the final finish? It looks like you...
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    Yamaha RD400 lot

    These are not mine, I am passing this along for a member on some other boards I frequent. He is a straight up guy. Here are the links to the boards he has them posted on, hopefully they show up.
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    Dual Brembo Calipers

    I only had them mocked up. I was going to thin the stock rotors from the h1. The calipers with pads (that don't look very used) did fit over the stock rotor which I belive was 7mm thick. I would say that is the biggest rotor thickness that will work with these, and I can not guarantee that...
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    Dual Brembo Calipers

    I got a set of dual 2 pot brembo calipers. They are off of a Ducati Monster, but a couple of other Ducatis have used them. They are in nice very nice shape. I was going to do a dual disc on my Kawi h1 but have decided to go a different way. I have adapter plates for the Kawi h1/h2 if you...
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    WTB: Benneli tank you know the wards mojave one...

    I can't help you, but I also wish I picked up a few on ebay as well when they were cheap.
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    NOOB 1972 kawasaki H2

    John is a good guy and will do you well. I think he is also a member on here, nut I don't know how often he stops in. Before you go chopping up that frame, I know someone that might be interested in it. The hot ticket for a h2 motor is to put it into a H1 frame anyways.
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    NOOB 1972 kawasaki H2

    Do your self a favor and sign up at Anything you would want to know about triples can be answered there.
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    Alloy seat pan build

    Thanks. Is there certain shapes/designs that work better with the soild form and some better formed by hand and fitted to the buck?
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    Alloy seat pan build

    Thanks Fab Tanks. That sounds time consuming in both doing it and cleaning up. :) What are the benefits of having a solid buck vs. one made of plywood pieces?
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    Alloy seat pan build

    What are you guys using to form the solid wooden bucks?
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    CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

    Thats Vanilla Ice, not Hammer.
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    CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

    Re: CB350 Built by a teen (Weird Pipes) It's the little things... That is a pretty nice purge setup. If you keep an eye out on CL sometimes you can find bottles for prety cheap. My local welding supply will exchange a bottle that had a different type of gas for whatever you want so it really...
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    CB350 Built by a teen (Weld Now, Grind Later)

    Re: CB350 Built by a teen (Weird Pipes) It's the little things... If you are needing filler rod on thin gauge sheet you need to take the time to get a better fit up. That could have and probably should have been completed by fusion only with maybe a dab of filler where corners meet. It looks...
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    Is this cb750 frame modified???

    It looks like it to me it may have been raked some. Maybe some close up pics of whats under the bondo, kinda looks like a bunch of weld there that shouldn't be there. I'd suggest getting rid of as much of the bondo as possible and then post some more pics up. A 72 owner should also be able to...
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    CB550F Cafe Interceptor

    Some fantastic work in this thread. I don't know if it was made mention or not, but in refrence to using a drill press as a milling machine. You should not use a regular jacobs chuck(which the op did not) for holding a mill. They are not designed to take a side load which an end mill will...
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    mojave gas tanks.....

    They are getting that way now. Honestly I wished I had got one when they were dirt cheap. Yeah so what, you see a lot of builds with them on the internet, but how many bikes have you seen with one of these tanks rolling around your neighborhood?
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