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    EAST COAST gear now here!

    Hey everyone. Rocket man is my brother and I currently have all of the gear he had up for sale here. Sadly I must report that he has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and has been given less than 6 months. So if anyone thinks they can take on the sales of this stuff it would help us...
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    Hi there from Elmira, N.Y.

    Really nice work. I like the brown seat. Came out really nice. I saw this bike at mid ohio and fell in love. Ha ha. I am thinking a similar paint job for my 175 only green and white with some gold mixed in. Only time will tell. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 2
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    Hi there from Elmira, N.Y.

    Hi I am new to do the ton. I am just sorting through the plethora of information and knowledge. A bit about me. My older brother is guilty of infecting me with the whole cafe bug. He did the typical thing brothers do and dangled a cool idea in front of me knowing I would latch on and run...
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