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    Need a specific '72 CB450 frame measurement

    Ah I appreciate it brother, but I'm tackling this tomorrow. everything is is lined up and ready to go, just need this one measurement... This is what I get for waiting until the day of to hit the forums... Googling it is about as effective as asking my mother.....
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    Need a specific '72 CB450 frame measurement

    Hey all. So I'm stretching my swingarm 6 inches and will be shouldering, sleeving and welding the extension. I am hoping someone here has done something like this before and knows the exact ID of the swingarm tubing. I do not have the luxury of being able to chop mine, take the inner diameter...
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    CB450 71 Cafe AkA DraGon

    Hey Man, Did you get that Acewell gauge wired up ok??? I just got it for my 72 cb450 and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out the wiring. I have both the diagram from the bike and the gauge but I can't figure out which wires from the gauge go to which on the bike. If you have gotten this...
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