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  1. cxman

    Why do I do these things? CX 500

    sell the tanks they are worth good money if they are useable the rest you can post on the forum
  2. cxman

    One cylinder cooler than the other

    different / damaged idle jet by mistake?
  3. cxman

    Spacers under carburettors

    give it a try i guess but i doubt it will help but its not a big deal to try it what is you afr showing the curve almost looks like its starving at high end by the way the power drops off is it going rich? or are the sharp edges in the intake causing reversion?
  4. cxman

    Spacers under carburettors

    dont think a spacer will help much jmo
  5. cxman

    Spacers under carburettors

    cant see the intake so cant give a reasonable answer
  6. cxman

    81 SR250 Carb Help

    i would go vm32 i just got one for my own xl250
  7. cxman

    CB750 Nighthawk 1994

    they are a fine bike very good in the mountains mine is a 91 somewhat modded and is a monoshock system now a lot of fun
  8. cxman

    81 SR250 Carb Help

    mikuni has a whole department that their job is to figure out what they can put in a stock carb that nobody can use anything in it that gets replaced (all of it) is a value-added sale
  9. cxman

    81 SR250 Carb Help

    try this if you got a 34 vm 34 number 3 slide no air correct take it out 35 pilot (get a 32.5 as well) 145 main needle in the second groove (get a 150 main as well) leave the needle and jet needle it comes with alone set the mixture screw to 1.5 if its been messed with if you have not...
  10. cxman

    Honda 550 parts bike

    pm me a price for the tank and side covers please
  11. cxman

    1985 Cb700SC wiring dilemma

    its a parking light runs the back tail light
  12. cxman

    VM24's too rich

    Standard VM24 Setting: 210 main, 40 pilot, 864 N-8 needle jet, 5I1 jet needle, 1.5 slide so first the slide is to small and will cause problems pilot and main are to large even with say a 2.5 slide why do you not just sell them and get what you need ? even when you get these to idle that are...
  13. cxman

    VM24's too rich

    are your pods clear bore or do they reduce the intake size? even further 24s are small so will run rich at high rpms due to aperture size if you have venturi restricting pods it will be like driving with the choke on
  14. cxman

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    clean the carbs on the 500 and ride it that thing runs great just a little loud with no baffle in the 4-1 or just slap my mikuni setup on
  15. cxman

    WTB CB750 SOHC complete cylinder head

    ok i got one thanks
  16. cxman

    WTB CB750 SOHC complete cylinder head

    75 76 or 77 with good cam and rockers complete
  17. cxman

    Honda 650 single

    be careful how you prime the oil system when you start the motor they can air lock and it has no oil pressure light as it really does not have oil pressure per se strats out at maybe 15 psi then dwindles as the motor gets warm it uses high volume flow to lubricate everything as it has all...
  18. cxman

    CB750 DOHC and Keihin CR31 settings

    when one does that for me the first thing i would do is put a new set of plugs they can carbon track real quick also verify your compression to rule out basic mechanical issues
  19. cxman

    1977 BMW R100/7 Sarcoplasmic Cow Hellride

    you need a magneto and maybe a little richer the pipes are getting bluish?
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