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  1. Herm21

    CB450 Pistons

    So apparently we've used up all of our old pistons to make trophies and now that we need some originals to CAD we don't have them!!! We're looking for a used set of stock bore CB450 pistons, ('65-'72). Condition doesn't matter. If you have some old ones laying around please email me...
  2. Herm21

    new site to cross reference part numbers?

    I use, or Herm
  3. Herm21

    CB 450 project done... need jetting/gearing tips

    I'm running 155's one one of mine, never had a need to go 160 even with the baffles removed and V-stacks. Are you sure it's jetting? Make sure the timing is dead-on, and the carbs are perfectly synced, if one carb is just a little off, at 6k rpm she will bitch a little. Herm
  4. Herm21


    I second Oldog's CB750! I love that that bike. It was the source of my inspiration for this build; Thanks for nominating our Brass Cafe boyz!! We humbly accept.
  5. Herm21 - Now Open! - DTT members get the First Look..

    Thnx Brutha! The cable cable section will be up soon. What we've tried to do is to have OE length and then shorter and longer versions for whatever setup you have. Custom cables will be an option for sure! We'll also have DYI cable kits up there in case you wan to give that a go! Hoping to have...
  6. Herm21

    DTT meet @ Barber Vintage Festival 2010

    Me and Jason are definitely planning on attending, and camping is the only way to do it! Count us in. We'll have to see about the booth though..that would mean work.
  7. Herm21 - Now Open! - DTT members get the First Look..

    Thanks for the support all! The feedback has been awesome. It means a lot to know we have the backing from the folks that helped inspire this thing! As Jason eluded to in the initial post, there's still a ton to be done though! Especially in the product area as we continue to look for unique...
  8. Herm21

    *greatest movie quote thread ever*

    Excuse me, does your dog bite? No. Chomp! You said your dog didn't bite! That's not my dog... Monty Pyton.
  9. Herm21

    $50 mod thread

    It's amazing what can be thought up with an apple jacks box down in the dirty south! That's some good shit right dar wheelz!! I'll definetely be giving this a try!! Kudos brother.
  10. Herm21

    WeberKid's Build. CB450 project.

    Man I am very interested to see how you work this out! Great idea, good luck.
  11. Herm21

    CB450 engine cost?

    That's exactly about right. I've now gotten my hands on 4 different CB450's, all complete bikes, each for under $200.00, two running and two seized...but since the bike is more than 35 years old, for me it’s irrelevant if they run or not. If you plan on having a good running engine, you should...
  12. Herm21

    Dime City CB450 Takes 1st Place - Full Throttle Magazine Biker Build-off

    Other shots here of the shock setup: The bike’s pretty much been sitting at the shop since first being done in August because of a transmission issue. But we finally found a donor engine a few weeks back, opened both up and swapped out the shifting...
  13. Herm21

    Dime City CB450 Takes 1st Place - Full Throttle Magazine Biker Build-off

    Ahh yes, this bike building thing sure does have its rewards!!! ;D ;D ;D We’re already working on the next one…tinkering with a 750 this time around... Thanks for the support boyz! -Herm
  14. Herm21


    I second Miob's BMW cafe racer! That bike has given me major inspiration!
  15. Herm21

    Discovery HD Theater - WATCH IT TONIGHT! 12/27/09

    Got this from cafe racer mag....should be a cool hour of TV
  16. Herm21

    cb450 rearsets done on the cheap!

    Anything that'll cut a straight line in quarter inch aluminum will do the job. At the time I used a handheld jigsaw, but a table mounted scroll saw or bandsaw would probably serve a lot better. either way, it's really a breeze...
  17. Herm21

    TV Show about Cafe Racers

    Thanks man!! But they could never do a show with me in it. It would be all, bleep this, bleep that, bleep you, get that bleepen camera outta my bleepen face you bleepen bleep-hole!!! It would never work!!!.…unless maybe if it was on HBO… Honestly though, no matter what the content, as long as...
  18. Herm21

    $50 mod thread

    Well done. Thanks man!!!
  19. Herm21

    CB450 II - DONE!

    Thanks Chris! Really appreciate it! No twitching at all! It’s like the bike is on rails in the turns! The short shocks are very stiff to begin with and I guess the angle their in really enhances what they’re meant to do. I never felt so confident going into a turn as I do on this bike! I...
  20. Herm21

    Evil Twin CB200..humble beginnings

    I just love those tanks!
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