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    1982 CB750C transformation

    Alright, replaced the flasher relay, still no love. Gotta find one that is not mechanical. Got the oil drained, ripped off the brakes (SS brake lines arrived, so preparing for that), and ripped off the seat stuff. We're going to re-use the seat pan, so it's getting walnut blasted this...
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    Age of the PNW cafe rider?

    I'm 37. Pull your pants up and get offa my lawn, you mouth-breathing snot faucets!
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    1982 CB750C transformation

    j'suis un idiot... that was the starter solenoid... good think I didn't damage it... where the balls is the flasher relay?
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    JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - Congrats to Wingspan!

    Re: JULY 2011 DTT BOTM - VOTING IS OPEN! That was a tough choice. They all have their merits, but wingspan's shiny tank captured my vote. That and the Virago triggered a personal guilt complex for not attempting a mono-shock on my current CB750 build. I bailed on the concept.
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    1982 CB750C transformation

    Got the trickle charger hooked up, checked the lights, they work fine now with the right power. Anyone have any tips for getting the flasher relay out of the fuse box? That thing is in there good and I'd rather use finesse than brute force if at all possible.
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    New long term strip - mod project. Opinions?

    Get the L2. There's no replacement for displacement. LOL.
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    1982 CB750C transformation

    Saturday morning bike build notes: Managed to get the bars mounted. Throttle side stuff came off ok, no real problems there. Clutch side stuff, well, I think the previous owner glued the grip on. So I used the circular wrench (angle grinder with cutting wheel) to remove the stuff from the...
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    1982 CB750C transformation

    Update: I cleaned the carbs on Wednesday night, put in new gaskets and o-rings, and changed the jets to accommodate the filter pods and new exhaust. Everything was going well until Josh reckoned that polishing the slide covers would look rad. He was right. He did 3 of them. I decided I wanted...
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    1982 CB750C transformation

    Bought a 1982 CB750C last summer. Rode it for a bit. One of the mufflers was thrashed, so I installed a 4-1 header and a new can. I love a good Cafe bike, so I decided that I was going to spend the winter collecting parts and building the bike. Well, I collected some parts, anyway... And, to be...
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    how to create rust?

    muriatic acid. not too much. it rots metal like nobody's business. i use it to relic guitar parts. first, you scratch it up a bit, roughen it with sandpaper, then brush on a little acid, leave it for a few minutes, rinse in a water and soda solution to neutralize the acid, and you're done.
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    I second DBC's fine little scooter but would love to see all the build links posted. You gotta prove that you didn't just buy it like that!
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