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  1. sav0r

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Yep, she is going to run. Lube up, shave the leg hair, smash a beer, and hope for the best.
  2. sav0r

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    10kg is a long way to go, that's for sure. Composite fenders would help. The kick starter, kick stand, sub frame, and tank could all be replaced with light weight units. That might get it close. Tubeless would help, maybe. A composite headlight bucket would help, as would composite ears. Maybe a...
  3. sav0r

    Anodising in the home workshop.

    Nice work! I bought all of the stuff to anodize and just haven't had the time to play with it.
  4. sav0r

    Bauer electric 1/2" impact

    The Bauer stuff I have bought has been great. I own a few of their tools now. I have two battery impact guns from Ryobi and while they are a spot on the weak side they both have been kickass. I just use a big breaker bar for breaking high torqued nuts/bolts, but the battery impact will blast...
  5. sav0r

    Make a slow bike fast - KZ750 Twin

    As I scrolled down I legit thought that seat was potting soil until I got to where I could see the rest of the motorcycle.
  6. sav0r

    Ton up SR250: 100mph, 100kg, 30hp

    Looks great man!
  7. sav0r

    1972 Nopar Volksrod Hellride

    Badass project! There's an aluminized (relflective) padding we like to use on our hot rods. I forget the name of it. Works great for controlling hot and cold, but also helps with sound. I went back and read the entire thread. I bet getting those dampers on helped!
  8. sav0r

    1983 Honda 750 Nighthawk

    Very nice bracket! I have lost my plate not once but twice lol. My bike is all a bit tight on various clearances.
  9. sav0r

    1983 Honda 750 Nighthawk

    Trim those bolts off.
  10. sav0r

    Cycle Kar(t) now Electrathon car

    Looks sweet! Those brakes I would think will be more than adequate, of course I am not sure how much battery load you will carry. The girl is the right choice. All she has to do is keep the thing on the road. The less turning the better.
  11. sav0r

    Cycle Kar(t) now Electrathon car

    Scrub radius is called “scrub” for exactly why you think it is. For an efficiency vehicle I doubt you really want to incorporate it. At a minimum just space the wheel in as far as it goes. As for camber run as little you can. Camber thrust is a form of scrub.
  12. sav0r

    Cycle Kar(t) now Electrathon car

    Also, run the wheels as close to the spindle bolt as possible, that will reduce scrub radius.
  13. sav0r

    Cycle Kar(t) now Electrathon car

    I see you are using a standard kart spindle now. That is the right move. Run those in the lowest Ackerman setting possible (will explain). Generally that means the holes furthest from the center of the chassis. With your rack setup you will have to measure this though. Just measure the width...
  14. sav0r

    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Yeah, Tim. Hydraulic disc brakes gained popularity when the down hill scene hit, probably as early as the mid 90 really. The tech has gotten cheaper and better since.
  15. sav0r

    What did you build this week?

    You definitely need to provide more photos of your grand design, Sonic.
  16. sav0r

    WTB Some used 12.5" RFY Shocks

    I have a project where the expenditure is capped and I need some cheap (yes, even cheaper than normal) RFY shocks. I don't care what color they are, or if they are beat up. I just need them cheap. Send me a PM.
  17. sav0r

    1983 Honda 750 Nighthawk

    A belt sander can be surprisingly good on seat foam, so I bet that flapper wheel will work great too.
  18. sav0r

    Not sure if I mentioned it or not but CRM's RRI show is a go!

    Well jeez, this is like 10 miles from my house in Observatory Hill. Nick, one of the writers for CafeRacer is my neighbor. I guess I'll have to make the trip out there for this.
  19. sav0r

    1974 Yamaha RD200

    Looks great, I wish my wife's RD125 was as nice.
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