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  1. emcarthu

    WTB CB 175 Exhaust

    Trying to go back to a stock setup and looking for some stock pipes. They do NOT have to be perfect. Let me know if you have something!
  2. emcarthu

    1976 CB360

    Nice running CB360. All original. needs only speedo cable and bleeder on front brake replaced. Comes with extra frame, motor, and other parts. clear Michigan title. Local pick up only (Metro Detroit). $1200. Just don't have room for this one anymore.
  3. emcarthu

    CB350 Engine PROBLEM!

    So my dad was able to get into the bike and flip the advancer 180 and says the right point is opening half a turn before it's supposed to open when trying to set the timing. basically saying that since he's flipped it 180 the timing is impossible to set. I found a post about what seems to be...
  4. emcarthu

    CB350 Engine PROBLEM!

    Sorry I'm not in front of the bike. He's telling me it's keyed and can only go in one way and doesn't understand how it can be 180 out. thanks for the replies, guys.
  5. emcarthu

    CB350 Engine PROBLEM!

    Yeah the timing was set with a test light and carbs were bench synced.
  6. emcarthu

    CB350 Engine PROBLEM!

    My dad and are in the middle of an overhaul on my 350. rebuilt the engine last fall and recently sorted out the wiring. trying to fire the bike up on the bench has been a fail so far. Sputters and huge backfires like the timings off but everything is spec'd according to the manual and timing...
  7. emcarthu

    CB360 Motor and Frame | $100 OBO

    I have a CB360 motor and frame I need out of my garage. No title. Motor was stuck, got it unstuck but haven't been back to it in over a year. Motor has a couple chipped fins. I got the bike from the original owner but it had been sitting for decades. everything was basically roached but motor...
  8. emcarthu

    CB350 Replacement Rear Sproket

    So I've looked the part number up on this sprocket in a few different places and it always indicates it's a replacement for my cb350. However the sprocket post are tightly press fit into the original but are completely loose fitting on the new one. Has any one ran into something like this or is...
  9. emcarthu

    CB175 Mufflers

    Anyone know a set of bolt on mufflers for a cb175 that will still allow use of the kick starter? I have yet to find some and an original set to command quite the pretty penny.
  10. emcarthu

    ready to use hard to look at cb360 tank

    Looking for a cb360 tank thats ready to use. I don't care about the dents, dings, or paint condition. Just something that I can put on and will work. I Have an undented original paint cb500 tank I'm willing to trade if you're into that.
  11. emcarthu

    CB360 Tank

    Just melted through mine during an acid wash. Looking for one that's not too bad inside.
  12. emcarthu

    Parting out CB360

    have a tank?
  13. emcarthu

    CL77 exhaust anyone?

    Looking for an exhaust for my 1965 CL77 please and thank you.
  14. emcarthu

    CL175 Frames

    I've been looking all over for a cheap frame. Please send some pictures!
  15. emcarthu

    CL350 shifter tolerance

    I've got about a 3/8" in and out travel on my shifter on my 73' CL350. not an up and down movement but the actual shaft can slide in and out of the case less than a 1/4" can anyone tell me if this is normal ? It seems to be leaking oil from this area. Thanks for your help!
  16. emcarthu

    CL350 valve seat wear

    short answer, Yes. but I'm most talking about the pitting above the seat in the port. the difference in the from left to right struck me as strange.
  17. emcarthu

    CL350 valve seat wear

    Hey guys looking for your help in identifying what may be causing this on the left valve seat of my 350. Is this normal? The first two pictures show the left seat and the third is the right. There is a noticeable difference here that was not there approx two years ago when the motor was last apart.
  18. emcarthu

    Parting Out: 1970/71 Honda CL175

    How much for the luggage rack to 48236 out the door? PM me please!
  19. emcarthu

    THE ONE Motorcycle show

    couldn't find this posted yet; maybe it was, but i nearly died.
  20. emcarthu

    WTB Right Side Cover (vented) cb175

    Yeah, it's just me here looking for this side cover...
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