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    Honda CB750K Cafe Racer project about to start with a monoshock??

    It's very nicely done, looks like it would be a blast to ride, until I get to the tires. Different strokes.
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    Semmins Speciale, Thank you

    A couple more of the paint, it's really beautifully done. The builder reflecting on the tank.
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    Semmins Speciale, Thank you

    Paint decisons and start of assembly.
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    Semmins Speciale, Thank you

    More of the tank fab., we actually had two "kits" made. Semmins puts a huge amount of effort into the detailing and it shows.
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    Semmins Speciale, Thank you

    I guess I blew it with the picture upload, they are not in order but the pictures are numbered in sequence. The bike has been to Moto-V and is singing in tune. MOT this week and hopefully some riding weather soon. Below is a series of photos of the build.
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    Semmins Speciale, Thank you

    A little over a year ago I started talking to Semmins about building a bike for myself and a friend. Having seen pictures of his Imola builds we were impressed by the quality of the work and the detail. We decided to commission Semmins to build us a bevel SS tribute bike. It was a very good...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Great Canadian company.
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    A Motorcycle Motorcycle Sidecar

    Cool tailpipe on the passenger. Anyone know what the bike is?
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    "Hanger Queen" Boxer

    That's a really interesting bike, I've never seen that model. It looks like it would be a pretty versatile ride, good weekender and fun for the spirited ride. Glad to hear you didn't end up with a chest full of Bambi. We are in a high deer population area, a "yarding area". From dusk until dawn...
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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    Those F bodies are tough old cars. The front end looks like it's just a time consuming re&re, the back end appears to have some creases that may be more complicated. It looks like a money maker, too me, for a guy with your skills. I knew a couple guys, back in the early '80's, who would take...
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    Selling Rachels 1980 CM200 Honda Twinstar Ready to Ride.

    You bought a lot of happiness for your money. You'll find you won't make a more satisfying deal than one that improves another persons life.
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    budget sv650 cafe racer

    The first engine I ever rebuilt was from a snowmobile I had back in the '70's. An older neighbour, who was a mechanic, said I could use his shop and he would give me a hand. I was a kid and wanted it fixed in 20 minutes and started rushing at it. He grabbed my hand, gave me a "Whoa There" and...
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    1975 CB125 Tracker project

    I do a bit of spray painting in the basement, when we hit the depths of winter. I bought a 36" dia grow light shade at a yard sale, $20. Put a hose to a small blower with a speed control and vent it out the dryer vent. A shower curtain hanging from it makes the booth. Takes about 5 minutes to...
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    1976 cb750f Front Rotor too close to forks??

    It looks like your legs are twisted in the triples.
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    3D printing upgraded air filter/cover for the CB350

    Very cool. A long way from a slide rule, drafting table and fibreglass.
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    Seat leather

    I use old large coats, trench, car etc. Yard sales, auctions, used clothing stores.
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    1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"

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    hindle cb350 exhaust

    It will be a high quality pipe. Hindle is just outside Toronto in Port Perry, they have been building bike headers for decades.
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    Sell me on the XS650 (vs the CX500)

    Too good a bike to chop up, there is no point in starting with a whole bike. Find an engine and frame and add the rest. That's the way to build a chopper. You could build a nice Robert;s replica or tracker with it.
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    New Member

    Maybe just old fashioned but I would think it to your advantage to know how to ride well and have some miles under your belt before worrying about being stylish. Have you got proper riding gear yet?
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