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  1. TheChild

    Sparck Moto Reg/rec wiring on 74 CB360 with Li/ion batt

    How do I wire it? I have a 5 wire reg/rec from Sparck, but 4 on the original rectifier and 3 on the regulator. I remember something about my black wire needs to go directly to the battery...
  2. TheChild

    Full-Face Vintage, anyone?

    Checkmate. Ima be havin one a dees.
  3. TheChild

    Another CB350F-First Build-Noob-In my garage Thread

    Torque specs and a torque wrench.
  4. TheChild


    My goal is to get the open frame. I had wanted to use a capacitor and just kick the bike, but I've been told this will not work on the CB360. The ballistic isn't much bigger than a capacitor. Sooo $34 for a reg/rec and $100 battery. I'm game.
  5. TheChild

    Another CB350F-First Build-Noob-In my garage Thread

    Without those people, we won't have projects 20 years from now! We all had to start somewhere Jason, but Alphadog is correct. Going into the motor can be daunting. By the looks of it, you have much more you need to focus on. I spent 2 hours yesterday chasing around one ground wire. Mostly...
  6. TheChild


    That makes more sense in my brain. Any direction for a reg/rec?
  7. TheChild


    4 cell looks to be the way to go. I've had problems with this bikes "fragile" electrical system before and it's got me worried. My knowledge of electrical is limited I'm afraid.
  8. TheChild


    Props on the Gwing. I regret selling mine. Any help with the reg/rec? Are you running stock?
  9. TheChild


    I read a couple of old threads on here about the ballistic batteries in place of stock. I see recommendations to upgrade the regulator/rectifier. I understand the concept, but not the science behind it. Why do I need to upgrade the reg/rec and what size do I get? Also, anyone had issues...
  10. TheChild

    Wet Sanding my paint...

    I think that needs to get sticky under cafe help.
  11. TheChild

    Harley Davidson Cafe Racer?

    Yes, a business is intended to produce revenue. If "American Heritage" is a sales tool, which it is, I think HD cares quite a bit about it. I feel that the cruiser style of bike grew up here in the states. Harley was one of the companies that started that style and thumbs up to them if they...
  12. TheChild

    Harley Davidson Cafe Racer?

    First of all, I think there is a rule that your post can't take up half of the page. I don't have any beef with HD. In fact I have considered a Sporty many times. I think the American heritage is important to remember. Do I want to be associated with most of the tool bags who ride them...
  13. TheChild

    Willow...An Evolution

    Re: Willow...An evolution.. Rims look great, what paint did you use?
  14. TheChild

    For the Ladies

    There's a lesbian female bike club where I live called "Sweet Vibrations". It's pretty much a perfect name for them.
  15. TheChild

    The Official 2011 DTT Summer Get-Together Thread, Maryville TN, July 29-31

    Why didn't I see this sooner? I will be there unless something effs up my plans.
  16. TheChild

    DOT vs Novelty lids

    I'm going to start a thread on neck braces. Oh what, you guys don't wear one? It's the tits.
  17. TheChild

    The future of motorcycles is here!?

    Is that bong smoke. I think these guys just invented something more awesomer than a hover craft!!
  18. TheChild

    Harley Davidson Cafe Racer?

    Buell would've been more successful if it hadn't been made to use HD motors.
  19. TheChild

    74 and 75 CB360 tracker - Need to get some pics done of this.

    Re: 74 and 75 CB360 tracker - motor running!! Video, one little prob though. If it's burning more oil on start up, it's most likely leaking down from the head. Are we still debating whether there is oil in the exhaust? If so, have you pulled the plugs?
  20. TheChild


    I a Chinese production cafe esque motorcycle. They stole my idea!!
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